eating // sausages. Lots of sausages. September was my first month cooking for myself… while juggling 18 credits of classes and 4 jobs. I quickly discovered that grilling sausages is a fast way to make myself a high protein meal.

exploring // hiking trails in my town. I’m taking a class this year called “Outdoor Skills” in which we do a lot of outdoor activities like hiking, horseback riding, archery.. etc. This week we went on a hike to a waterfall and it was fun!

wearing // sundresses! The weather here is still really warm so my jeans and big sweaters are still in my closet and I’m enjoying the few weeks that I have left to wear sundresses and shorts before the weather cools down.

admiring //  people who can handle a lot of stress with ease. I’m getting overwhelmed right now, with my 18 credits and my 4 jobs, and I’m not sure if I can take it much longer.

collecting // moments to relax. This may seem weird but I have been having to remind myself to relax and specifically plan in moments into my day to make sure that I take a break and watch an episode or two on Netflix and eat a candy bar.

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Currently… {October}

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