Today I have an incredibly exciting new project to share with you! Introducing:

What is it?

Millennial Q&A is a segment (half podcast, half blog post) where my best friend Sara and I answer questions that you submit to us. We’re talking college tips, interview advice, dating scenarios, friend drama, financial troubles, career struggles, and more.

In each episode we’re answering a collection of questions all surrounding a specific topic or theme.

This segment’s theme? College 101.

Listen now:

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In This Episode…

In this episode of Millennial Q&A we’re talking about:

  • How to choose the perfect major for you & how to leverage it post-graduation to get a job
  • What you can do to become a morning person & not be miserable while doing so
    • Important for students struggling early morning classes!
  • Great ways to get an A in a subject that you’re bad at & why realistic expectations are important
  • And lastly, what we do to handle stress on super busy days (like those days when I juggled 3 jobs and 20 credits of classes at once!)

Ask Us A Question

Looking for advice on, well, anything in life? Submit your questions to us and we might cover it in the next segment!



In this episode:

In this episode of Millennial Q&A: How to choose a college major and what you can do in college to set yourself up for success with that major post-graduation. #CollegeTips #CollegeAdvice #CollegeMajor In this episode of Millennial Q&A: How to get a good grade in a class you're bad at. Subject you're struggling with? Get an A with these tips. #CollegeAdvice #StudyTips In this episode of Millennial Q&A: How to get up early without being miserable - tips for becoming a morning person. In this episode of Millennial Q&A: How to handle stress in college when you have a really busy schedule #CollegeTips #CollegeAdvice

Q&A: College 101

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