Last Minute Study Techniques

We're talking REAL last minute studying techniques here. Sometimes life gets in the way and you need some tried and true last second study tips to get you through that college exam in a couple of hours - this is for you.

Final exams are nearly upon us. With papers, projects, and presentations piling up (say that 3 times fast!) sometimes life gets in the way and studying for exams is put as a last priority. I totally have been there, more often than I’d like to admit.

When it comes to studying last second, and I’m talking really last second here – cramming 2-3 hours before an exam last second – it can be overwhelming.

I’ve seen a lot of “last second study tips” that start out with “one week before the exam” and, let’s be honest, chances are if you’re reading this right now in hopes of finding a way to pass that test, it’s closer than one week away.

I want to be clear that I am by no means saying that it is okay to forgo studying and preparing in advance for these methods. Studying and getting your work done as early as possible should definitely be your first choice. However, sometimes it just can’t happen. Life happens and now you need tips for how to get ready to pass an exam that you have to take later today. That’s why I’m here.

These are some tried and true techniques by yours truly, however different methods work for different people so please adjust this to fit your personal learning style.

Each technique here is organized based on the way that you take notes during class and includes special tips for each time frame of cramming. There are tips for beginning to study one day, 5 hours, and 1 hours before an exam while implementing these techniques. Read More!

How to Manage Life as a Student

How to Manage your Life as a Student - top tips for how to juggle it all: work, school, homework, and a social life - without losing your sanity!

As students, we juggle a lot. Work, classes, homework, clubs, sports, extracurricular activities, volunteering, roommates, family, and friends.

As a college blogger, focusing on helping you excel in your life and studies, I am constantly asked by new college students what the best way is to organize and manage your life. Honestly? There’s a lot that goes into it, so today I’ve partnered with Erin Condren (the company that makes the amazing Erin Condren Life Planners) to share with you my top tips and tricks for how you can manage life as a student.

Let’s get to it! Read More!

15 Unexpected Necessities to Pack for College

* This blog post does contain affiliate links. I only recommend things that truly believe are a great product or service. *

15 unexpected necessities to pack for college - these surprising items are a must have in every dorm room!

Packing for college can be a stressful experience.

It’s your first time moving out of your parents house, on your own but still with rules and requirements. What do you bring? Aside from some obvious staples like a boat load of command hooks and a nice fuzzy blanket, incoming first year college students can be left in the dust to scramble to figure out what they need to pack.

Worry no more, for here are 15 unexpected necessities to pack for college! Read More!

Start a Blog: Step 2 – Blog Content Creation

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To start a successful blog you need some kick ass content! This guide will walk you through how to create the best blog content through blog content creation.

You’ve started your blog. You’ve chosen the name and the niche. You’ve purchased the top hosting and your creative domain. You’ve installed WordPress and customized a gorgeous theme. But now… now what? It’s time to get out there and start publishing content!

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Your first blog post can be daunting. Do you jump right into helpful content or take a moment to introduce yourself to your readers?

First, let’s take a step back. Here’s everything you need to know about blog content creation.

Tell Us About Youcreate great blog content

The first thing that many people do when they visit a blog, especially if it is a new blog, is try to learn about the blogger. The easiest way to tell these readers who you are is by having an awesome “about me” page. This page will grow, change, and thrive over time as you find your voice as a blogger so do not stress about making it perfect from the get-go.

However, you should put a little meat in your About Me page to give your new #1 fans something to stick onto and make them feel connected to you. Introduce yourself in a few sentences and sum up what your goal is with this blog you created. This gives you the perfect launching point for your first post!

If you’re like me whenever I write papers for school I always get stuck on where to start. Once I’ve started the rest of the paper tends to flow naturally. Blog posts are the same way – the first post, and even the first sentence within any post, are the most difficult to get down and out there into the world. This “about me” page is the key to painlessly jumping into your future content.

Take a moment in your first post to introduce yourself. Elaborate on what you put in your About Me page, but focus less on you as a person and more on your blog. Take your blog as an entity and expand it. Read More!

Preparing for a Bad Mental Health Day

Preparing for a bad mental health day

Those who suffer from mental illnesses are all too familiar with the roller-coaster that is taking care of ones mental and physical health. Some days everything is going up, some days you reach the top, others you plummet downhill, stay down, or ride a hill both up and down throughout the day. Your mood, productivity level, and willpower are unpredictable and difficult to manage.

In college, regardless of if you have a mental illness or not, you tend to have good mental health days and bad mental health days. On those bad days you may not even be able to take care of yourself and do simple tasks like brush your teeth, make breakfast, or sometimes even get out of bed, let alone do real productive work. Depending on the severity of the bad mental health day, your life can be seriously impacted and pushed behind.

On the good days it is easy to forget that these bad days exist, until you are blindsided by them. The best thing that you can do for your future self is to prepare for the bad days while you’re having a good one.

Preparing for a bad mental health day or a rough week will make it easier on yourself to get through them without being too unproductive or struggling as badly. Read More!