9 Professional Outfit Staples for College Students

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9 professional outfit staples for college students

When I landed my internship this summer I was stoked. An internship in my chosen career field the year before I graduate college? Score!

I had plenty of prior experience in that field so I knew what I was doing and I was excited to get started. However – this internship required me to work in an office setting and dress in business casual attire… which had me lost.

I remember preparing for my interview and pretty much doing a fashion show for my roommate asking her opinion on what blouse was better to wear and whether or not to opt for the blazer. I remember being lost on what was appropriate to wear for big class presentations (and trust me, as a Communications major I have a lot of class presentations) and having to borrow stuff from friends because I didn’t own slacks.

Fast forward to today, 7 months later (wow!) and I consider myself a pro in dressing business casual in a way that is appropriate for a professional workplace yet trendy and comfortable enough for a college student. I now love to piece together outfits for work with just the right accessories.

Have an interview coming up? Just landed a job where you have to dress nicely? Class presentation coming soon?

Today I’m here to share with you my 9 must-have professional outfit staples for any college student’s wardrobe!


How to Clean Up Your Social Media for Job Searches

7 easy steps to clean up your social media accounts for job searches - great career tips!

Living in the “digital age” definitely has it’s pros and cons. One pro is that you can find out everything you ever needed to know about somebody by looking them up online… however that comes with the con of anybody being able to learn everything they ever needed to know about you just by looking you up as well.

According to Glassdoor, 80% of employers Google a potential employee candidate before they even call you in for an interview.lot can be said about a person by their online profiles.

If this fact makes you nervous or you’re just hoping to double check that you’re putting your best face forward for a job search – this is the post for you. What can you do to clean up your social media and make sure you pass that first round of searching?

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15 Casual Date Night Ideas

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15 casual date night ideas for every season! #Ad

Date nights are an essential, and fun, part of any long-term relationship.

Being able to go out, spend alone time together, and do exciting activities are some of the best parts of dating. However, after dating someone for a long time the cost of going on these dates regularly really adds up and can take a toll on your bank account. Dating is expensive!

Sometimes you should step back and plan a few more casual or inexpensive date nights (or days!) – saving money doesn’t mean sacrificing fun or romance!

Today I’m partnering with Armitron watches to bring to you some of my boyfriend (hi, Anthony!) and my favorite less expensive/more casual date night activities.  (more…)

College Survival Goodies for Every Personality: 2017 (+ Giveaway!)

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College survival goodies for every personality #ad

Back to school season is in full swing. While I’m starting my senior year of college next week, others (including one of my very best friends!) are getting ready to start their first year of college.

Last year around this time I worked with BabbleBoxx to bring to you a list of college survival goodies for every personality, and I loved working with them so much that when they reached out again this year – I jumped at the chance!

I’m excited to present to you: College Survival Goodies for Every Personality – 2017 edition!