Writing a Novel for Beginners

Today I am excited to introduce you to Olivia Hersman - blogger and published author!
Olivia is taking the time today to share a guest post she wrote just for us at Dani Dearest sharing her passion: writing.
If you're looking to start a new passion or have considered writing your own book but just don't know where to start, this post is full of great advice!

Looking to start writing books, but don't know where to start! Read this advice from an experienced and published author on writing a novel for beginners!

Renowned author Stephen King once wrote, “The scariest moment is just before you start.” And, if you’ve found yourself here, it means you might be right in the midst of the most terrifying part of the novel-writing process: getting started.

As an experienced writer, allow me to say that this feeling never gets easier.

With every writing project comes unease, comes fear. But it also brings a whole lot of hope, joy, and pride with it. So allow me to detail the beginning of the process for you, in hopes that writing may bring you the same joy it brings me every day. (more…)

Boosting Confidence at Work

Going from college to career can be intimidating - how do you tackle it with confidence? These 5 tips will help anyone boost confidence at work and improve your workplace vibe. #Career #Collegetocareer

Jumping from college to career can be intimidating.

From the dress code and the email etiquette to responsibilities and schedule maintenance, there is a lot to learn when jumping into your first “big girl job” that they don’t teach you in school. The most important? Being confident at work.

Maybe you’re juggling these new expectations, or maybe you’re a corporate veteran who has it down pat but still finds herself holding her ideas back in meetings. What can you do to boost your confidence at work and take a step forward for your career? Read More!

The Young Adult’s Guide to Starting a Budget

The young adult's guide to starting a budget - great for college students looking to begin budgeting or recent graduates wanting to get their finances together.

During college my conversations with my friend surrounded around clubs, classes, and internships. Since graduation our conversations have drastically shifted to student loans, finances, saving to move out on our own, and careers.

There is so much pressure to “get your life together” after graduating. Figuring out your finances, taxes, career plans, and a dozen other things that you feel you should know by now but you never actually learned in college. (What were all those years for anyway?)

No matter if you’re still in school or if you graduated years ago, it’s never too early or too late to get started on a budget. But, how do you do it?

One of the first things I did after graduating was analyze my income and create a budget and savings plan.

I’m not a financial advisor, I don’t have any professional training in this.. but I have done a lot of research and a lot of math, and I have found what works best for my future goals and plans. I’ve been able to calculate, through the steps below, what I need to do with the money I am currently making to pay all of my expenses and save for my future.

Here are 5 simple ways you can begin to get your life together financially by starting a budget!

Read More!

19 Things to Do the Summer Before College

19 Things to do the summer before college - Freshman 101 - college prep!

The summer before you start college is an incredibly important time. No matter if you graduated last month or 3 years ago – there is a lot of preparation to do before you jump into your first year as a college student.

As recent college graduate (wow – where did the time go?!) I’ve been reflecting back on my college experience and asking other college students and college bloggers for their thoughts as well. One thing we all agree on? That there are a handful of things that an incoming college student should focus on doing before they embark on their college experience.

Make your own to-do list or send this to the incoming college student in your life – and you’re on the road for a successful first year!

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Happening: I Graduated!

Thank you to Snapfish for sponsoring this post – all opinions are 100% my own!

Also – thank you to Crystal Moore Photography for the lovely senior photos featured on my graduation announcement, and thank you to my boyfriend Anthony for the pretty grad photos taken at my campus! 

looking down

Yesterday, May 12th 2018, I graduated college with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communication with a minor in Theatre Arts.

On the first day of my first year of college, I started this blog and I began sharing with you my experiences of my time in school. The last 4 years have included a lot of ups and downs, and I want to take a moment to thank every one of you (my lovely readers and subscribers) who have been there along the way.

I shared with you the transformation of decorations in my Freshman dorm room, how creating my university’s Her Campus chapter changed my college experience, tips on juggling work and school, how I stay organized with a planner, getting real about how I live my life with chronic illness, and lately some career advice like how to ace a phone interview and how to be the best intern.

215+ blog posts and 4 years later… we’ve grown together.

i graduated - my graduation announcements

We will continue to grow together over the coming years. Read more!