The Assignment Calendar Method: College Class Organization

Never miss an assignment in college: the key to getting good grades in college. Assignment calendar method for assignment organization. College organization!

Nearly 3 years ago, I shared with you my secret to never missing an assignment deadline in college – my assignment calendar.

The #1 way to get good grades in a class is to never miss an assignment deadline. When your juggling many classes, extracurriculars, work, and so much more… it can be difficult to remember everything that you need to do. That’s where this calendar and method come in.

This calendar quickly became popular with my readers, not only is it still the most popularly downloaded freebie that I offer, I have also received a ton of great feedback hearing how this assignment calendar method has helped many students stay on top of their assignments and get good grades.

When I first launched this calendar and shared this method, I had created calendars specifically for each semester. This unfortunately required me to constantly update and re-share the calendar, which I struggled to do consistently. Today I am excited to share with you the perpetual assignment calendar.

This calendar will work for any month and any year. No matter if you need this baby at the time that I’m posting this (2019) or you happen to come across this gem 5 years from now… it will still work to help you stay on top of your school work! (more…)

Kick Start Your Career in College

How to kick start your career in college - get ahead and get a job, intern, volunteer, get involved, and improve your chances of getting hired after graduation. #CollegeAdvice

As a college student, it can feel like your life is on hold until you walk across that stage and that diploma is in your hands. Waiting to start the career you want, to move out on your own, to make money, and to live a life of freedom outside of classes and homework.

While I can’t help you escape classes and homework… I can help you begin to break into the industry of your dream job, where you can kick start your career in college.

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What I Learned from Taking Time Off Post-Grad

Today I am excited to introduce you to my friend Sophia, who is the founder of the new website New Girl at Work. Sophia is here today to share her experiences with taking a gap of time off between graduating school and starting her first post-grad job, and her advice on how it worked out for her!

When I received my job offer, I was given the choice between two start dates. One was a few weeks after graduation while the other was a whole four months later. I called my parents and, once the giddiness of having a job offer – an actual job! that pays money! – wore off, we came to discussing my start date.
My dad and I both agreed that it was an easy decision, but we did not agree on the actual decision. In a laughable moment, at the same time that he suggested the earlier date, I declared that I’d be delaying work for a few months.
Here’s what I’ve learned in my downtime. Read More

Struggling With Post-Grad Self Care

After graduating college I am having a difficult time with learning how to take care of myself. Post-grad self care is different. Despite having a steady job and a great home life, I need to relearn how to relax.

Today’s post is something different, today I am telling you a story. An honest, weird, confusing story. I typically try my hardest to make sure that the posts here on Dani Dearest are helpful, answering some sort of question that you have and inspiring you to step up and succeed in your life and studies.

Today is different: I’m talking, telling, sharing a story of something that I am struggling with right now.

Maybe in a few weeks or months I’ll follow up with the “solution” to this struggle, or maybe you’ll be able to help me find it by sharing what you do in this situation. Maybe you relate, maybe you don’t. Either way, here it is.


5 Inspiring Women Run Media to Motivate Any 20-Something to Get Their Life Together

5 inspiring women run media (books, pocasts, tv shows) to motivate any 20-something to get their life together!

Being a blogger, I absorb a lot of media from other bloggers, podcasters, and YouTubers. Being the procrastinating overachiever and chronic multi-tasker that I am, I tend to read, listen to, and watch media that I find inspiring, empowering, and entertaining. Something about listening to a TV show or podcast of people talking about their great careers or side hustles makes me really want to kick my butt into gear.

Looking for your kick in the butt, an inspirational push from your virtual big sister?

Here are some of the big inspiring women run media that I am loving right now: