Long Distance Relationship Tips

Long Distance Relationship Tips for college students, millennials, or anyone in need of long distance relationship advice! From a real LDR couple.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

What is my Valentine’s date going to look like tonight? Probably something like a plate of dinner, a glass of wine, and my boyfriend through video call on my computer in front of me. #LongDistanceRelationshipProblems

Going into a long distance relationship can be scary and confusing – how do you make this work? My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly 2 and a half years now, with a large amount of that time being through long distance. During this time we have learned what works, what doesn’t, and how to manage the distance best for our relationships.

I’m not going to lie – long distance is hard. But, with the right mindset and right communication you can and will get through it. Today I’m excited to bring to you 7 tips on how to manage long distance relationships!

While long distance relationships are super common for college students (leaving for college and attending different schools happens a lot!), these tips can really apply to anyone entering in a long distance relationship.

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Managing Student Life with a Chronic Illness

Tips for managing college student life when you have a chronic illness - from a student living with Hashimotos and Ehlhers Danlos Syndrome.

Almost two months ago I posted this article about the truth of living with chronic illnesses as a college student – the responses were amazing. Comments on the article itself, replies to the social media posts sharing it, and direct emails all came flooding in. Throughout these messages there was one common theme: wanting more. More about my story of living with chronic illnesses, more honesty about how I manage everything I do (I’m talking multiple jobs and being a full time student), and more tips for those of you who are also students with chronic illnesses.

I hear you loud and clear – and I am so excited to open up even more and share with you how I juggle everything, yet still handle my chronic illnesses.

Chronic illnesses are a tricky thing, no two are the same. Even two people with the same diagnosis could experience vastly different symptoms, struggles, and day-to-day experiences. It all takes trial, error, and working with some wonderfully understanding doctors to manage any illness. However, here are 7 things that help me personally to manage life as a student with a chronic illness.
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7 Things to Have Open During a Phone Interview

Today's post is a guest post brought to you by my boyfriend, Anthony. 
Anthony is currently travelling the United States living in a tour bus, running lights for the national tour of a musical.. not exactly the typical college student! While this causes Anthony and my relationship to be a perpetual long distance relationship, he really loves every second of his job. 
Working in such an unconventional field, Anthony has become a master of phone interviews (and real interviews) and has not yet had a phone interview that he hasn't been offered the job from. Today, Anthony is here to provide his advice for acing a phone-based job interview!

7 things to have open during a phone interview - how to land that dream job! Phone interview tips, interview hacks, how to ace a phone interview.

In my line of work I am often applying for jobs thousands of miles away which mean I do a lot of phone interviews. Throughout my experience with phone interviews, I have been able to learn what to do (or not do) to help land the job.

There are a few pros and cons of phone interviews, one of the best parts is that you are able to have anything open in front of you to reference during the interview. This allows you to prepare answers ahead of time and stay consistently focused on what the company needs for this specific position easily, which you cannot do in face-to-face interviews.

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What Starting a Blog in College Did for Me

What starting a blog in college did for me! Perks of starting a college blog, perks of blogging, blogging in college, college blogging, millennial blog #BlogTips

When I started my blog on my very first day of college, three and a half years ago, I never would have imagined that it would lead me to where I am now. Blogging in college has become such a huge part of my life and has opened so many doors for me.

Blogging has made me a more ambitious person, helped me discover my future career goals, and given me the opportunity to help hundreds of thousands of college students worldwide – while still in school myself!

If you’re looking to start your own blog in college – check out my guide on how to start your own successful blog here!

Here are some of the amazing perks that have come with starting a college blog:
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