Semester Goals: Spring 2017

How to Set Your Own Semester Goals + read my Spring 2017 semester goals! #College

Every semester that I have been in college I have taken the time to sit down and create 15 goals for that semester. I chose the number 15 because there are 15 weeks in the semester system at my school.. so it just seemed right!

At the end of each semester I reflect on the goals that I set and share with you which ones I reached, which ones I got close to, and which ones I completely let slip away. Honestly, before doing this I was never into setting goals. I figured, I have a dream in my head of how I want to feel (happy and proud of my hard work) and that’s all I need. However, since practicing writing down and sharing these goals my productivity has skyrocketed and I’m able to see real measurable growth in myself!

If you have never set goals, take some time to sit down, read my guide on how to set goals to increase your productivity, and write out one or two things you want to complete this semester or even this month. Comment them below! I’d love to hear what your goals are and how you worked to reach them. Read More!

Get the Most Out of Class Time

How you can get the most out of class time in college - don't waste your money or your education!

Real talk time: College is expensive. Like expensive.

Don’t waste your money, your time, or your education by missing out on your classes. You may be saying “but Dani, I go to class, I show up, I participate… so I’m not missing out on my classes!” but you may be wrong.

There’s a lot more to college than showing up and doing your homework / studying after class.

It’s time to kick yourself into gear and stop wasting your tuition. That class time is what you’re paying for, get your money’s worth and benefit your education in the process.

Here are 5 habits that you can do in class time to make sure you are getting the most for your money and learning enough to make your homework and studying easier! Get the most out of class time:  Read More!

5 Things You Need to Become a Runner

Looking to picking up running? Here are 5 essentials that you need to get started on the right foot!

Today I am excited to introduce to you today the first post in our new Passion Project series! The goal of the Passion Project is to introduce college and millennial women with ways to get involved in new hobbies in a hopes that they will discover a new passion and learn more about themselves in the process. Molly is here today to talk about her passion, running, and what you need to get yourself started as a runner.

To learn more about The Passion Project, and even how to submit your own post to this series, click here.

5 years ago if someone had told me I would have run 5 marathons by now, I would have looked at them as if they had two heads. Running a race was not even in my list of top 10 things I wanted to do, much less something I would enjoy. In fact, I did not enjoy it in any way shape or form. I was a soccer player in high school and had always dreaded when we had to go on runs to train.

However, in college my brother ran one and I started to think about how cool that would be to say I’d run 26.2 miles. But, when I would go on a quick jog, I still didn’t enjoy it. Nor could I go very far. Nevertheless, my dad, my sister and I all signed up for a marathon together to prove we could run one and thus training began.

It took me awhile to actually enjoy training. I could hardly run three miles at the beginning, but after a few weeks I noticed a change. I could run three with ease and had started to look forward to see how far I could make it without needing a break. Through the training process, I fell in love with running. I fell in love with the way it made me feel after, the way it challenged me to push myself harder and harder, and the way it gave me time to clear my head.

I’ll be honest with you. Running is not very fun when you’re not in shape. But, if you push yourself for even just a few weeks, you’ll start to see a change and crave it. You have to push yourself to get to the point where you will love it. Before you start your running process, though, I believe you need 5 things to become a runner: Read More!

Introducing: The Passion Project

Have a passion you want to share with the world? Interested in starting a new hobby but you're not sure where to start? This project is for you.

Passion: noun; an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.

Here at Dani Dearest we focus on encouraging and empowering college and millennial women to become successful in their studies, strive to go far in their careers, and feel creatively fulfilled. The last couple of weeks I have been working hard on a project to expand this goal, and I am excited to introduce it to you: The Passion Project.

Finding a hobby or a passion has been proven to help reduce depression and anxiety which can help to lead to an overall happier life. I believe that hobbies and passions help to form who we are: our beliefs, our moral compass, our foundation, and our mental and physical health. As one grows up they learn what they like and what they don’t, which crafts and creates their personality. Read More!

Easy and Healthy Grocery Staples

Cooking healthy in college doesn’t have to be hard! When you know what to get from the grocery store it can make it simple. Check out this easy and healthy grocery staples list to get you started on becoming a better you this year!

Today my friend Hailey is here to help you kick your new year's resolution of eating healthier into full gear! As a college student herself, Hailey totally understands how hard it can be to eat healthy with a busy lifestyle, so she has crafted a great grocery list to give all college students and millennials the perfect starting point to discovering just how easy it is to eat healthy. Read what she has to say and download the shopping list below!

In order to eat healthy, we must surround ourselves with foods that are meant to fuel our body correctly. The first and most crucial step to achieving this is creating the right grocery list. I want to share with you what a healthy grocery list for college-aged adults looks like. I organized it based on pantry, refrigerator, and freezer staples. I personally eat a gluten-free diet, so everything listed is GF!

The grocery stores that I frequent are Lucky’s Market and Trader Joe’s. These stores are fairly priced and provide delicious and fresh foods all year long. It’s important to visit all of the grocery stores in your area to find one that fits your needs the best. Make sure to pay attention to the quality of produce and meat that they offer, as well as weekly sales. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive; I currently spend around $50 a week on groceries.

At any given time, most of these foods listed are in my kitchen. Of course I buy other foods, which could be seasonal produce or specials at the grocery store. I believe that with a good base of ingredients there are so many possibilities to be creative in the kitchen. Sometimes, all you need is a new spice to spark inspiration for a delicious, new meal. Read More!