Fall 2016 Semester Goals: Results

RESULTS: Junior year of college semester goals - 15 goals for the 15 weeks in the semester! Come read and follow along with my progress.


Happy new year! While some people use the new year as a time to set goals and resolutions for themselves, I like to do it a little more often. Since I am in school my life is broken up into 3 segments: the Fall semester, the Spring semester, and Summer. Because of this I like to set goals for each semester to give myself a chance to start over and get on track.

Since my semester consists of 15 weeks of classes I like to set 15 goals and follow up on them by sharing my results after the semester is over. Here is how I did on my goals this semester: (more…)

Dealing with End of the Semester Burn Out

Every college student has been there: At the end of the semester, you're exhausted. Here's how to deal with the end of the semester burn out without letting your grades suffer!

As I sit here in my university’s library my mind is swirling. I still have one class and two meetings left before my day is done, on top of 2 presentations, 3 exams, 3 final papers, and 1 group project to work on. I also need to find time to do my laundry, go grocery shopping, post on this blog, and apply to internships, and sleep. If I forget to do one of those things by a specific time then there can be major consequences. I can fail a class, have to drop my major, extend my schooling an extra semester, not be able to eat dinner, not have clean clothes to wear tomorrow, get sick, and even not have a job after graduation.

Woah. That’s a lot.
Stressed just reading that? Me too.
Take a deep breath.

This is exactly what many college students are going through at any given time, but especially in the final few weeks of the semester. This crunch time can quickly cause major burn out. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, it’s nearly impossible to not feel some sort of stress as the semester comes to a close.

Thanksgiving break is often a cruel tease of what’s to come with Winter break. You get a taste of relaxation, even just for a moment, before being pushed back into the swirl and jumble of finals week.

It’s hard to deal with, wanting to relax and watch Netflix or go on vacation when you need to be studying or writing a paper. Hard to find time to do the essential things like showering or eating when you are stuck between sleeping and group project meetings.

While I personally am still working on perfecting a solution to this, I have found a few tips that help dealing with this end of the semester burn out a little bit easier. Read More!

Warmer Weather Autumn Style

#ad Living in a place where it's warm year round doesn't mean you have to miss out on the autumn styles! Here's my warmer weather autumn style with help from Colgate Optic White! #DesignerSmile

Autumn to most people means cooler weather, leaves changing colors, pumpkin spice lattes, and dressing in layers to combat the cold. Here in Southern California it means heat waves mixed with a few rainstorms.

Don’t get me wrong, I love where I live, but everyone I know often jokes about how we don’t know what real “weather” is because we don’t get rain or snowstorms. When it’s freezing and foggy in the morning, in the low 80’s and sunny by the afternoon, it can be difficult to decide how to get dressed in the morning to last throughout the day. The traditional layers that often come to your mind when you think of Fall Fashion won’t work that well here.

Don’t even get me started on the struggle of having to wear something versatile to walk from class to class and do a variety of activities in, as well as looking professional enough to lead a meeting or in case you run into the University President while grabbing coffee (small campus problems.) Read More!

College Fashion Week Los Angeles

What it's like being a model at College Fashion Week!

Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to be a model in College Fashion Week LA. This event was really great to be a part of with about 500 attendees all watching real college women of different shapes and sizes walk the runway. With all the heat that the fashion industry has (rightfully) been under lately for the body types of their models, it was refreshing to see real college women represented in this show. In addition to the models, another great part about the show was that all the shows featured designs from up and coming designers in the industry.

College Fashion Week was put on by Her Campus Media and their theme of being all about empowering college women was definitely a main focus in this event.

dsc_0007-1 Read More!

Small Steps to Lower Stress


The second half of the semester has started and with that comes a lot of added stress. My midterms are done but now I have endless projects, presentations, and papers looming in my near future. Mix that with jobs, clubs, and my other commitments and I am a big ball of overwhelmed.

Two weeks ago was really rough for me. I was in a really bad place, overwhelmed to the point where I skipped 4 classes in a week, exhausted to the point where I was skipping meals, and stressed beyond measure. While sometimes it may seem from my posts that I have it all together, I definitely have my moments of weakness.

College students and millennials today are under a lot of pressure and put themselves in situations of large amounts of stress. Here are 9 things that helped me get through this rough patch, get out of bed, and get going again.