DIY Paint Swatch Wall: Grid. A simple creative do it yourself craft sure to bring color and personality into any room! Including those you can't paint on, like dorm rooms! #DIY #PaintSwatch #creative a previous post I shared with you how my roommates and I initially decorated our wall with paint swatches when we moved in. In this post I shared a style in which we arranged the paint swatches overlapping in a “sunrise” shape. After a while we finally got the chance to go to Home Depot and grab more paint swatches to change up the style! Here’s what we did:


Paint_Swatch_2_BeforeStep 1: Gather Paint Swatches

The first time we did this I went in alone and grabbed some paint swatches. This time two of my roommates and I all went in together and grabbed a couple hundred swatches each. (Oddly enough, nobody gave us weird looks!)

Note: If you’re doing this in a college dorm room, make sure to check to see if your school has any rules against having stuff on the wall. Soon after we finished this project our RA came in and told us that we aren’t allowed to have 50% of the wall covered… (but she let this slide since it looks so cool!)

Paint_Swatch_2_collageStep 2: Organize them by Color

Then (after we finally got home after our car broke down in the parking lot…) we laid the swatches out on the ground and my roommate Nikki sorted them by color. She started by placing the darkest deepest red on top and then slowly transitioning it into orange. Then made another pile with the reddest orange on top and the yellowest orange on the bottom, then another pile with the yellowest green on top and then bluest green on the bottom, and so forth. Pre-sorting these by shade and richness of color really helped the process become faster in the end.


Paint_Swatch_2_tapeStep 3: Tape

We figured out that the system that worked best for us was having 3 of us tape and one of us place them on the wall.

To tape we simply rolled up a piece of tape on each corner of the back of the swatch.

Step_by_Step_Paint_wall_GridStep 4: Place

Then we handed it to the roommate that was placing them on the wall and she organized them so they transitioned well into each other. Since the wall was taller than it was wide, we had to transition the right to left portion faster than from the top to bottom. We made sure that there were small spaces in between each swatch and that each swatch was placed straight, like a grid.

Total time: 1 hour 30 minutes.

Final product:


Want another DIY guide for another paint swatch craft? Check out how to make a motivation wall out of paint swatches!




DIY: Paint Swatch Wall – Style 2: Grid
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