The next few weeks are going to be insanely busy for me. Why? Two words: Tech Week.

For those of you involved in theatrical productions, those words probably cause you equal parts of fear as they do excitement.

Allow me to explain: Tech week is the final week (or more, or slightly less.. As it changes depending on the company you work with) of dress and technical rehearsals before the opening night of the show. This is usually the first time in which the technical aspects of the show are being added to the acting and directing. For most companies and schools this can cause rehearsals that go late into the night or even early into the morning. It’s incredibly stressful, and yet at the same time is incredibly fun and incredibly worth it. 

This is going to take up the next two weeks of my life, and then immediately afterwards I have a huge paper due for one of my classes, and then my first of the holiday breaks: Thanksgiving.

To get my through the next few weeks I figured I would make a bucket list of things that I can do for the holiday breaks (Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years) to look forward to! (I’ve previously made a bucket list for my goals for my current school semester, but this going to be specifically for holiday breaks.)

  •  Go to the snow with my boyfriend
  •  Build a snowman
  •  Learn how to ski
  •  Wrap presents
  •  Go see Wicked
  •  Go to Disneyland for Christmas with my family
  •  Spend Christmas Eve with my family
  •  Eat lots of gluten free stuffing and gravy
  •  Figure out what I want for Christmas
  •  Save up money from work and buy myself something nice
  •  Use the free bowling tickets I have
  •  Decorate a Christmas tree
  •  Cuddle with my kitty
  •  Watch I Love Lucy marathons
  •  Catch up on New Girl and Last Man Standing
  •  Finish Scrubs and watch the season finale with my friends
  •  Listen to a crazy amount of Christmas music
  •  Take care of myself
  •  Continue to update my blog
  •  Finish my “My Desk” series
  •  Sleep in lots
  •  Spend New Years Eve with my boyfriend
  •  Buy a Disneyland annual pass
  •  Go to Disneyland after the Holiday season with my friends
  •  Add more to this list

Making goals and writing down the things you’re looking forward to really help me get through a tough time. Do you do the same? What are you looking forward to this Holiday season?

Holiday Season Bucket List
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3 thoughts on “Holiday Season Bucket List

  • November 10, 2014 at 4:50 pm

    I love your holiday bucketlist! You should be really busy. I love your blog btw. It is really pretty and colorful

    • November 10, 2014 at 4:52 pm

      Thank you so much! 🙂 that’s so kind of you!


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