Hi everyone! I am so happy to announce that I did it, I took the plunge and bought my own domain and hosting for Dani Dearest!

This is my first official post on our new domain: Danidearest.com!


If you missed my post on our previous domain (danidearest.wordpress.com) I shared with you that if you were a follower of the old domain, you will be transferred over to this one very shortly!


If you have something on your website or blog that links to some of my content, please update your links to my new domain! To do so, just remove the ‘.wordpress’ part of the URL, leave the rest the same, and it will direct to the new site! This will benefit your site by eliminating dead links/content and will benefit me by having the links that I built still lead to my content. Thank you so much!

E-Mail Subscribers Wanted!

If you are not following me, well why aren’t you?

I strongly encourage that you subscribe to my posts via e-mail!

You can subscribe to this site by adding your email in on the subscribing section which is located on the sidebar to your left there!



Thank you all so much for your patience and loyalty during this transition to my own self-hosted domain.

I am very excited for what the future has in store for us! (Here’s a hint: it’s a lot of great stuff!)

Welcome to Our New Domain: HERE!
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