Make your own Christmas tree! Perfect to give small spaces like dorm rooms and apartments the holiday touch! #xmas #christmastree #DIY #craft #christmascraft #holiday’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

I don’t know about you, but the thing that I missed most about not being home for the beginning of this holiday season was being able to decorate the Christmas tree with my family. My family has this tradition where every Christmas Eve my grandmother gives each of her grandchildren a special Christmas ornament, until they reach the age of 25. That way, when each grandchild is ready to move out and have their own Christmas tree they already have a collection of special ornaments that mean something to them.

Since I’m not officially moved out of my house, I wasn’t able to bring my collection of ornaments with me, and we sure didn’t have enough money (or space) to have a real Christmas tree.. so my roommates and I improvised. The idea for this project comes from my roommate: Nikki!

2Supplies needed:

  • Natural Green Tinsel Garland (we used 25 feet of tinsel) + Shiny Gold Tinsel Garland
  • Small Colored Ornaments (ours were red, green, and gold.. and made of glass)
  • Some string/ribbon/ornament hangers (if the ornaments don’t come with hangers on them)
  • Scotch tape


1First find a space in which you can hang this. Because we aren’t puncturing any holes or leaving any residue this should be able to go on any space, even dorm rooms or rented apartments.

Start off by hanging the garland. We rolled the scotch tape pieces and put them on the underside of the tinsel to stick to the wall. We started at the top and then began to zig-zag the garland across the wall, growing in width toward the bottom. This created a triangle/tree-like shape. Continue to tape the garland as you go.



Then, take the small ornaments and the string/ribbon and begin to thread each ornament. As you go tie the ribbon onto the garland to attach the ornament to the tree! I triple knotted the ribbon, to ensure that they did not fall off.






Then, we took scissors and cut the left over ribbon off of the tree. Lastly, take the shiny golden tinsel and stick it at the top of the tree to be a mock star!





There you go, now you have a small, cute, cheap, and simple Christmas tree!


How do you show off the holiday spirit in your small space?

(Note: Some of the links in the “supplies needed” section are affiliate links in which I will receive some commission through purchases made through those links.)



How-To: Make Your Own Christmas Tree!
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