Results!One week ago today I moved back into my house for the Summer. Which means that now that final exams are over, I’m back to writing more posts here for you! Did you miss me? Let’s jump right back in where we left off with some semester goals updates.

Last semester I made a list of goals that I stuck to and then shared my results at the end of the semester.

I was really surprised about how making these goals and sharing them on here helped keep me accountable to them and made me feel like I had to follow these goals that I set.

This semester, I did it again. 15 goals for 15 weeks. Here’s my results!So here we go, my goals and the results.

1. Get at least a B in all my courses (especially Dinosaurs!) – Result: Conquered! Grades just came in today and I earned 4 B’s and 1 A! ✓

2. Decide on what I want to major and declare for that major. – Result: I did decide on which major I want, Communications with a minor in Theatre Arts, however I have not declared yet. So, half done! ✓

3. Be able to run 1 mile nonstop in under 10 minutes. If I can accomplish that then start working on 1.5 miles nonstop. – Result: Complete! I ran one mile in just barely over 10 minutes without stopping. ✓

4. Go to the gym at least once a week. – Result: Oops. Failed. This is always my Achilles’ Heel. I’m just way too busy to make it to the gym! I’ll work on this one. 

5. Start up my school’s chapter of Her Campus and run it smoothly. – Result: Accomplished + went above and beyond! My chapter has been up and running for only 2 months and we have become a Silver Level Chapter as well has have had one of our articles voted 2nd Best for it’s category out of all 250+ Her Campus Chapters. Success! ✓

6. Make at least 2 close friends at school. – Result: Done and done. Thank God. ✓

7. Learn how to do my taxes. – Result: Taxes complete, submitted on time, and refunded! Along with my FAFSA for school. ✓

8. Reach 12k page views on Dani Dearest per month. – Result: Surprisingly enough, even though I have not had the time to post as frequently as I wanted to lately, the publicity in which I had time for went above and beyond what I expected. I am currently at an average of 22k page views per month! ✓

9. Find more scholarships for school for next year. – Result: Failed. Completely dropped the ball on this one because I was so focused on too many other things.

10. Work my local professional theatre’s production of Mary Poppins. – Result: Best decision of my life. Definitely the most mentally, emotionally, and physically challenging production I have ever done.. but also the most rewarding. I’ll share more about that another time. ✓

11. Continue to use my planner every day, maybe create a new way to use it more effectively. – Result: Done! Kept up to date with everything through my beloved planner (even inspired some of my friends to use one as well!) and adjusted my organization through it to fit what I was doing better. Already looking into research for a new planner to use next year! ✓

12. Bump up my GPA by at least 0.2 – Result: Despite my best efforts, my grades in fact dragged down my GPA a little bit this semester. But, as my friend Mario pointed out when I told him I was sad about this, I did achieve so much more this semester through Her Campus and Mary Poppins, I can’t complain! 

13. Don’t drink more than 3 Starbucks drinks per week. (Exception: Tech week!) – Results: Success! Even during tech week! ✓

14. Continue to take steps to manage my anxiety. – Results: Done, and still doing. ✓

15. Be genuinely happy. – Results: There were definitely times throughout this semester in which I sat back, took a breath, and realized that I was happy. Very happy. While it comes and goes, things do definitely seem to be looking up from where they were. Let’s hope that sticks over the summer! ✓



Total Goals Completed / Goals Set: 11.5/15

“Setting up goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

– Tony Robbins

Do you make goals and do they help you stick to them? Have you stuck to your most recent goals? Tell me all about it in the comments!


Semester Goals: Spring 2015 – Results!
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3 thoughts on “Semester Goals: Spring 2015 – Results!

  • May 24, 2015 at 3:50 pm

    Loved that your last goal was to be happy:) I’ll have to add this to my next list of goals! Thanks, Dani, as always, for sharing!:)

  • May 27, 2015 at 10:04 am

    Wow! So much fun to read about how you set these goals for yourself and accomplished them! Way to go girl! And so neat that you started a HerCampus chapter and it is already so high on the ranks within HerCampus. Quite the accomplishment!


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