Today marks the final day of the free online Productivity and Time Management Workshop that I co-hosted with Sara from Sara Laughed and Kayla from Kayla Blogs!

Throughout the last few weeks, we shared our tips as college students and organizational bloggers about how to focus on being more productive and getting the most out of your time. We published 3 posts a week (Sara on Mondays, Kayla on Wednesdays, and me on Fridays) detailing tips, tricks, and overall help that delve deep into specifics for helping you improve your time management and productivity. Along with that we hosted a Facebook group full of people who went along on this journey of improvement with us!

In honor of the final post of this workshop I wanted to do a quick round up of each topic that we have covered. If this is your first time learning about the workshop, please take this as your chance to go through and do the workshop by following these posts! If you were an avid reader and active member of the workshop please take this as a time to reflect back on where you came from, what you learned, and how you will use these in your future.

Ready? Here we go.

Learn, Inspire, Set Goals

The first week of the workshop consists of mainly preparing for the rest of the workshop. First of all, Sara started us off with a great introduction post which explained to her readers what the workshop was going to be.

Then, Sara created a great and simple printable to help you diagnose your time management habits. Those in the workshop used this printable to track the way they spend their time for the week and identify what they need to change.

Kayla then joined in with her tips on how to get motivated for a productive month, to help you get excited about improving your productivity and time management this month!

After you had diagnosed your time management habits and became motivated to make some changes, I shared with you some ways to set goals for a productive month (I’ll be following up on these goals next week to share how I did!)


The following week was all about mornings. A good morning can really set the tone for a good, and of course productive, day.

Sara started us off by sharing how (and why) to become a morning person in college.

Kayla then shared how she makes the most out of her mornings and a little insight on her morning routine.

To close us off, I shared how I, as a self proclaimed night owl, have learned to deal with getting up in the morning!

Organization and Time

The next week was all about time management.

Sara opened up by sharing some great tips on how to prioritize your time and budget time as a busy college student.

Kayla followed by giving some realistic tips on using Google Calendar as a tool for organization.

Then, I went into detail about how I use not one, but two planners to organize my busy schedule. 


Of course, while we love being productive and successful we are still human and love to have fun as well! This week was all about focusing on balance.

Sara began by explaining why balance matters. (Spoiler alert: it’s important not to carry an unbalanced work life into your future!)

Kayla then shared in depth how she focuses on balance and relieving stress throughout her busy schedule in college.


We really hope that this productivity and time management workshop has benefited you as much as it has us! I know that personally I had a crazy busy couple of weeks, but I think that keeping in mind everything that Kayla, Sara, and I talked about really helped me to keep it together and not breakdown under the pressure.

Have you been following this workshop? How are you doing on your goals for October so far?



Productivity and Time Management in College
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