40% of female college students have eating disorders.

91% of female college students have attempted to control their weight through dieting.

74.4% of normal-weight women think about their weight or appearance “all the time” or “frequently.”

46% of the normal-weight men think about their weight or appearance “all the time” or “frequently.”


Statistics like this should be shocking. But they aren’t.

As we grow up, we are taught as young women to take care in our appearance. When you’re a child and you meet new people or see relatives who you haven’t seen in a while, your appearance is often the first thing they compliment you on.Your new haircut looks so darling!” “You’ve gotten so big!” “That dress is adorable on you!”

While these compliments may seem harmless at first, it continues well on into adulthood. Hundreds of family friends have complimented my dimples as I was growing up, but not one of them complimented how well I was doing in math class or the fact that I started learning basic algebra in first grade. Next door neighbors have all mentioned how my eyes are so pretty and just like my father’s, but I can’t think of many who have told me that I make a great Stage Manager.

One of my favorite articles right now touches on this:

That’s what I want my daughters to know. Your outfit doesn’t define you, nor does your size, or the coincidental proximity of your God-given beauty to a man-made aesthetic. On the other hand, your outfit is fabulous because it reflects your creativity, and your lashes are gorgeous because they are a part of you, and your long legs can take you to the top of a mountain or the front of a stage, if that’s where you want to go. You look great, and you are great. You are beautiful because of who you are, not who you are because you are beautiful.

“The Best Way To Compliment Little Girls”

With a past like this, so dependent on outward appearances, it is no wonder that the majority of people grow up concerned about their appearance.

Body image is the way you perceive your outward appearance. Many people struggle with their body image, especially when influenced by outside sources such as friends or the media. This can lead to many intense health problems including depression and eating disorders.

College is often a time which people spend finding themselves. The ages of 18-24 are incredibly delicate and difficult. You’re impressionable at the same time you are creating your views about the world around you. And yourself.

How You Can Get Help

If you are struggling with your body image, you are not alone. I’m not a health expert. I personally have never had an eating disorder. I do have some body image issues, but they are not as intense as some people’s can get.

I cannot provide expert the advice to get you through this, however this is a topic that I have been wanting to write about for a long time. So, I found somebody who can.

Enter Anastasia.

Anastasia is the writer behind the blog Anastasia Amour. She is a body image educator and a self esteem coach. She has battled and conquered anorexia for many years and is here to help women around the world do the same.

In her own words:

“Anastasia Amour has taught thousands of women across the world how to stamp out self-inflicted negativity and embrace imperfection throughout their lives.”

Inside Out

What is Anastasia here to do? Help you.

She recently launched a book titled Inside Out. This E-Book is an amazing resource for women of all ages from all over the world who have ever struggled with negative self-talk or body loathing.

Inside Out by Anastasia Amour-VIP-Reviewers Social Media_image-2

She says:

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re 16 or 60; whether you’ve been diagnosed with a body image or mental health disorder, or whether you suffer from negative body based thoughts only occasionally. If you want to improve your body image and equip yourself with the tools to make your self-esteem stick around for the rest of your life, then this book is for you.”

Inside Out is a 14 day approach or challenge focusing on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help you achieve a serious body image makeover. After completing the 14 days of practices that this book encourages, your mindset about your body and appearance will be completely shifted. Changed. For the better. For the long term.

Anastasia is seriously something else. Powerful, smart, and passionate about helping women overcome the struggle to be happy with their appearance.. which we all know too well.

She was kind enough to allow me to read an advance copy of the book.. and I must say it really does live up to all this hype. She is so creative, and the mental and emotional exercises that you do at the end of each chapter can really be life changing.

To celebrate this amazing book and this big step in helping women everywhere work toward body confidence all my readers can get 15% off their purchase of this book when you use the code DEAREST15 at checkout!

Do you feel that you need to work on getting body confidence? Are you ready to do so?



Body Confidence in College
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3 thoughts on “Body Confidence in College

  • November 5, 2015 at 2:10 pm

    This is such an important topic that really needs to be discussed more. I’m sure this will be some powerful and very useful material for college students struggling with body image.

  • November 5, 2015 at 3:43 pm

    This is definitely a topic that all women can relate to. No matter the body type, I think we all have insecurities. I’m sure this is a good read. Thanks for sharing.

  • November 8, 2015 at 7:22 am

    This is a fantastic post. Thank you for talking about this. I am absolutely blown away by the statistics but I don’t even know why, our society is so obsessed with looks. Again, thank you for sharing.


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