Today I'm excited to introduce you to one of my good friends, DeeDee! DeeDee and I met last year in college, and she is quite possibly one of the most loyal and sweet people I've ever met. She recently started her own blog, West Coast Blonde, which is growing like crazy so go check it out!

Arguably the best part of the holiday season is finally getting a break from school and returning home to your family and friends. Whether you attend college out of state or locally, travelling home for the holidays requires careful preparation, to ensure you don’t forget any of your essentials.

If you’re driving home:

A college student's guide to travelling home, just in time for the holidays! All the essentials for driving or flying back to your hometown.

Before you hit the road and head back, make sure you’re prepped and ready with the following items:

A Charged Cellphone and Car Charger

I know this is obvious, but if you’re using Mapquest on your phone or playing music, your battery will drain drastically faster than usual.

The Perfect Roadtrip Playlist

You can find the perfect one on Spotify or assemble your own through iTunes. Make sure to include a few throwbacks and all your favorite Taylor Swift songs.

Your Laundry

One of the perks of being close to home is not having any luggage restrictions. So bring all your dirty clothes with you. Because more likely than not your mom will happily take care of them for you.

Water and Snacks

Because you might get hungry… or bored… or stuck in traffic… actually when did we have to start justifying food?

(Optional) Bring a Friend or Carpool Buddy

Road Trip! If its a long drive back bringing company will make the the ride so much more enjoyable. Maybe someone in your dorm, who lives nearby needs a ride, or one of your friends, who has nowhere to go for thanksgiving.

If you’re flying home:


Since you’re out of state, thanksgiving break may be the first time you all your excitement to rush home, make your forget anything important. Here are a few tips to ease your travel experience:

Your Carry On Bag is your life

Depending how long your flight is, the items in your bag will be your only form of entertainment for awhile. Bring a book, rent a movie on your phone/ iPad ahead of time, or any remaining homework.

Roll your Clothes


Maximize your luggage space by rolling your items. Unlike folding, rolling compresses your clothing, so you are able to bring more stuff back.

Swap out your Seasonal Clothing

Unless you’re going to school in California (and its even getting cold here) its time to exchange all those tanktops and shorts for sweaters and scarves. Also free up some room.

Keep all your Travel Documents Together

I use a mini accordion folder. If you organize the documents in order of what the airport will ask you for getting through security and being on time for your flight will be a breeze.


I actually can’t imagine forgetting anything worse. Planes are loud and boring without them, plus how else would you listen to music or the on flight movies?

(If you plan on sleeping) An Eyemask

If going to college has taught you anything, catch up on sleep whenever and wherever you can. An airport is the perfect opportunity to refuel, especially if you’re planning on seeing friends and family later that evening or the next day.

Happy traveling everyone! Enjoy your much deserved and earned break.

12279612_564036840416428_696170164_oAbout the Author:

DeeDee Durkan

Hi I’m DeeDee, or The West Coast Blonde! I’m currently a sophomore in college double majoring in English and Journalism. I’ve lived in California my entire life and absolutely love it here. I’m lucky enough to have a twin, who is both my sister and best friend. As much as I love my hometown, traveling and exploring the world is a true passion of mine.

I love writing, going on adventures with friends, watching the Bachelor with friends, shopping, going to the beach, and spending time with my dog, Benji.

Guest Post: A College Student’s Guide to Travelling Home
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    Shoutout to Florida, where it never gets cold… just pointing that out lolzz


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