Check out the creative ways these college students are celebrating the end of their finals! Relax and enjoy the break.

If you’re like me, you’re a college student who has just completed a really hectic semester.

Take a deep breath. Pat yourself on the back. You made it.

For better or for worse, for straight A’s or solid C’s… you survived another semester.

Now, how do you celebrate or relax after your finals are over?

The second my last final was done, my best friend came to pick me up and we went straight to Disneyland.. my happiest place on Earth. Being able to scream my heart out on my favorite Disneyland rides and walk down an empty Main Street at 1am is always magical and relaxing. I then slept for 3 days to recover.

Check out what these other college students do to relax after finals!

After finals, all my friends and I get together to have a “Memories of the Semester” day. We first start off with breakfast, and either go to the spa for massages or just get a mani/pedi. We then end the night with a small party (well, now the bar), where we talk about our funniest or most stressful in-class memories over drinks. To us, it’s like shedding the past semester to renew ourselves for the next one.

Iesha @ LivingLesh

I’m planning to go out to dinner with my friends or go online shopping to reward myself!

Barbara @ Bjoyful

I usually treat myself to some ice cream after finals!

Kayla @ Kayla Blogs

I’m visiting my boyfriend in Virginia!

Samantha @ As Life Grows

After my last final, I crawl into bed with a nice cup of tea, a warm blanket, and a book that I actually /want/ to read. As an English major, I spend all semester reading lovely piles of literature, but it’s so nice to celebrate by reading a book that isn’t on a syllabus. It’s a way to remind myself of the true reason why I’ve chosen my major– I love the magic found within words. I think it’s important to “find” yourself after finals week, because it’s so easy to get lost in the stress of final assignments and GPA numbers. Behind it all is a reason why, so what better why to celebrate than by revisiting the thing that started it all.

Sierra @ Words on My Page

Me and my closest friends went to a few campus bars and had a few drinks, played some foosball/air hockey, and laughed. Laughed a lot.

Kristine @ My Little Box of Tricks

Drinking Starbucks and sleeping!

Sunny @ Always Sunny in Philly

In college, I lived with my best friends, so we’d get together for a potluck and play board games + have Netflix and/or movie marathons! In med school, the exams were pretty rough and draining, so I’d run off to the no-kill cat and dog rescues in town and either cuddle cats or take the dogs for walks/runs to de-stress and feel better about life! If it was a particularly difficult exam and I managed to do decently, I’d sometimes engage in a little retail therapy for future motivation!

Farrah @ FairyBurger

Happy winter break everyone!



Celebrating the End of Finals
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