Christmas has come and gone, and with it a new semester has left as well. It’s that time again, time to take a breather and reflect on the semester that just passed.

Last year I started a tradition of making a list of goals for the semester and then sharing my results afterwards. I was really surprised about how making these goals and sharing them publicly on here helped to keep me accountable to them.

This semester I did it yet again, by setting 15 goals for the 15 weeks of the semester.

So here we go.. my goals and results…

1. Save $1,000 in my savings account. – Result: It was a little touch and go there for a while, but I made it. I know $1,000 isn’t a lot for some people, but for me it was something worth working toward. ✓

2. Get at least a B in every class. (Bonus points if I go beyond that and make The Dean’s List!) – Result: My grades were posted today and.. drum roll please… I got 5 A’s and 1 B! AND I made the Dean’s List! Super proud of myself. ✓✓

3. Not miss any deadlines for my Her Campus Chapter. – Result: Accomplished. 

4. Double my traffic on this blog. Go big or go home, why not? (Right now I am at 100,000 views per month. I would like to double that to 200,000 though I would be way happy if I even got half that far!) – Result: Unfortunately I kind of dropped the ball on this one (sorry guys!) and ended up going long periods of time without posting which really lowered my page views. So I’m taking the time this winter break to make up for it and work it back up and over! 

5. Go to the gym or workout classes at least once week. (I have some health problems that make this incredibly difficult for me.. as well as a crazy busy schedule!) – Result: While I did not go to the gym once a week this semester, I kind of forced myself to still go workout by signing up for an activity class called “Outdoor Skills” which consisted of different outdoor exercise activities like hiking each week. In addition to that there were some days when I went to a Yoga or Zumba class on campus, but not as often as I wanted. ✓

6. Find a good place on campus to help me do work, avoid procrastination, and focus that isn’t my dorm room. – Result: I didn’t find just one place, but I found a couple! I started spending a lot of my study time either at Starbucks, the study room in my hall, or the Library. ✓

7. Work at least one theatrical show and have it not make my grades suffer. – Result: Success! ✓

8. Post on this blog at least 8 times each month. – Result: Sorry 🙁

9. Not spend over $150 a month on food. – Result: Now, I didn’t keep a close eye on my budget like I was planning on, so I can’t say exactly how much I spent each month on food. I am pretty sure I didn’t spend over $150 a month on food.. but I didn’t track it, so I’m going to count this as half of one!

10. Grow my Her Campus Chapter followers by at least 100 on each social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!) – Result: Went above and beyond! We are now a Pink level chapter and are being read by over 70% of our entire school’s population each week. YES! ✓

11. Officially declare my major and minor. – Result: Done! You’re looking at a Communications Major and a Theatre Minor 

12. Get a passport. – Result: No time 🙁

13. Overall feel more well rested and energized. – Result: This one was a little difficult for a while there, but overall I definitely feel better than I did last semester. ✓

14. Go someplace I’ve never been before. (Seriously, anywhere!) – Result: One of my best friends and I went for a drive the other day and he took me to this really nice spot that overlooks the freeway at night and had a great view of all our city and the Christmas lights up and everything.. probably my new favorite spot in town. ✓

15. Schedule in some “me” time. (shoutout to my friend Nikki for coming up with that one!) – Result: This semester my motto was “treat yo’ self” and I definitely focused on that. ✓


Total Goals Completed / Goals Set: 12.5/15

“Setting up goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

– Tony Robbins

Did you make goals for this semester? This year? How did it work out for you? 



Semester Goals: Fall 2015 RESULTS

4 thoughts on “Semester Goals: Fall 2015 RESULTS

  • December 28, 2015 at 4:13 pm

    You did pretty well at achieving all of your goals 🙂
    Love it.

    xoxo, Jenny

    • January 11, 2016 at 1:14 pm

      Thank you! I’m pretty satisfied with the progress too!

  • December 28, 2015 at 4:57 pm

    So proud of all you have accomplished this semester! <3 Next semester will be even better, I am sure. My 15 goals wrap up post comes out tomorrow 😀

    • January 11, 2016 at 1:14 pm

      Thank you Tori!! You’ve accomplished a lot too 🙂 I’m excited for this upcoming semester.. we have to work on that series we were talking about.


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