My dorm room currently...

sending // out my resume and cover letter to apply for a summer internship! It’s crazy how early the applications have to go in for something so far away.. but I’m working on it. This summer I am hoping to expand my love for technical theatre by trying out the live television side of it. 

eating // currently eating some delicious oven baked salmon with my favorite tartar sauce! I’ve been craving this fish for the last couple of weeks and finally found the time to make it for myself.

dreaming // of having more energy and being well rested. 

smelling // the fantastic smell of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. You know that smell: the musty, underground, stale water… delicious. 

hearting // the idea of a good old fashioned summer vacation! Remember back in elementary/middle/high school when you’d get to sleep in, stay out late, and do whatever you wanted? I wish.

This post is a part of the Currently.. link up led by Jenna and Anne the first Wednesday of each month.

What are you “currently” doing this month?


Currently… {February}

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