Move In Day Tips from college students!

College move in day can be both exciting and terrifying. The day that you’ve been counting down to for so long is finally here… so you definitely want to be prepared. Instead of just giving my own insight I decided to reach out to my fellow current (or past) college students who have been through it all to give you their top move in day tips!

1. Label Boxes

Pam from Hodge Podge Moments says:

“Label your boxes so that you know what to open when. You might not have time to open all of them on the first day, so make sure you know where your essentials are. Also, enlist as much help as you can get!”

On that note, put everything that you absolutely need the first night (toothbrush, makeup, shampoo.. etc) all in one box so that even if you have to rush off to orientation activities without a chance to unpack everything you’ll still be able to get ready for tomorrow.

2. Keep Some Boxes

Sami from The Classic Brunette says:

“Always keep a few extra storage boxes after moving in! You can use them for piling all the trash from opening all the new items you have in your room, recycling, but most importantly you can use them again once you move out! It will be easier at the end of the year when you have something to move all your stuff out in a box instead of moving them one by one. It will also save you from going to have to buy some at the end of the year! “

This is a tip that I wish I knew my Freshmen year! I definitely now keep multiple boxes in my room and I use them for everything. From moving out at the end of the year to shipping textbooks back, you’ll find a use.

3. Dress Comfortably

Erica from What the Clique agrees and says:

“Wear comfy clothes for moving in! When I helped moved my brother in last year, one girl was in a dress and sandals, not really ideal for moving heavy boxes and bending down, and climbing stairs. Dress comfy!”

Jasmin from Macrons and Mascara says:

“I would also definitely say dress comfortably from head to toe because you’ll be moving around ALOT (all those trips back to the car!) and you don’t want to have to worry about your feet bleeding through your shoes or pants that are so tight you can hardly breathe. On move-in day, I love wearing a simple t-shirt along with my favorite Adidas joggers (they’re nice and loose and they have pockets!!!) and sneakers that fit securely on my feet without being tight.”

Check out more tips from Jasmin on her “17 Tips to Make College Move in Day Much Easier” post!

4. Check Ahead of Time

Megan from Love Megan June says:

“Contact your dorm ahead of time to see if Dolly’s or carts will be available to help you move-in and ask if they will have a wait list for them. Going into my move in day I had no idea that these resources would be available to me and it would have made the move to the 5th floor so much easier. Unfortunately by the time I got to my dorm the wait list was full for the day, but I remembered for move out. “


5. Bring Cleaning Supplies

Erica from What the Clique says:

“Make sure you have cleaning supplies easily accessible! It’s always easier to do I quickly wipe down before moving in all your things. You never know what stories your dorm could tell from years past!”

At the bare minimum bring some lysol wipes, some windex, some trash bags, and a roll of paper towels! You’ll thank me later.

If you’ve experienced college move in day before, what are your top move in tips? Share them in the comments!



Move in Day Tips from College Students

3 thoughts on “Move in Day Tips from College Students

  • September 4, 2016 at 12:20 pm

    Absolutely agree with all of these! I would also suggest being very mindful and accepting of your emotions because it is SUCH an emotional time. I remember being sad, scared, excited, nervous… any emotion you could think of, and I just held it all in until I finally broke down. And yes, I totally agree about being comfortable. I think Athleisure is a good look for moving in because it puts a cute twist on your typical “workout” clothes, which is great because you will also be meeting and seeing other people.

  • August 12, 2017 at 4:58 pm

    I totally agree with all of these tips. I would like to add the tip of arriving early that way you don’t have to wait too long (if at all) for a dolly or moving cart.



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