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Being in a leadership position can be scary, exhilarating, and a fantastic learning experience all at the same time. As the founder and president of one of the largest student organizations on my university campus, I have a lot of fellow students asking me for tips and advice about being in leadership positions. Whether you’re starting up your own club on campus, taking on a role as an executive cabinet member on an existing club, or even stepping up your position at work, communication is key. Here are 3 tips to improve how you communicate with your team.

1. Group Messaging

coffeeDepending on how large your position or organization is the different ways you can communicate with others will change. While social media groups are common for college clubs and e-mail is a great tool to send out lots of information easily, I’ve found that the most effective form of communication for students is through group messaging.

Messaging apps are a great way to spread information, get feedback, hear responses, toss around ideas, and send reminders quickly and easily with many people. A great messaging app that does exactly this is Chaatz.

Chaatz is different from most messaging apps because it focuses on giving an engaging and personalized messaging experience that gives you the freedom to express who you are while discussing with your organization. In addition to messaging, Chaatz can offer you and your organization a cool way to express themselves with features such as: in-app games like Four-in-a-Row and Battleship, customized comic strips to make your messages more fun, and “Doodle” where you can draw and create personalized messages or draw on top of a photo.

I love to use group messaging apps like Chaatz as a tool to remind the members of my organization about our meetings, talk to them to get ideas, and use the Doodle feature to send cute quotes and inspiring drawings during hard times like finals week. The games feature is another favorite because it allows us to encourage team bonding by having our members kind of “hang out” virtually when they play games together.

2. Be Transparent

screenshotI am a firm believer that a good leader is honest and open. When we started this school year we found out that our budget from the school had been limited. Instead of hiding it or trying to work around it alone, I opened up our first meeting with a presentation on exactly what had changed with our budget and gathered ideas from my members to figure out what we could do to make the most out of it.

To increase your transparency: Next time that you are facing a hardship, either in your organization or in your life, be honest and reach out to your members. Send a message in your Chaatz group and ask for opinions on what to do to solve the issue you are facing, or even just let them know whats going on. They will definitely appreciate hearing from you and I’m sure they’ll be willing to step up and help out.

3. Set Clear Expectations

heartBeing organized is a must for successful leadership and plays into every key skill that you need as a leader: including strong communication. It is important that you team knows what to expect from you and what you are expecting from them right off the bat.

Since the student organization that I run is an online magazine there are deadlines, meetings, and other expectations that my members need to meet. To make this as clear as possible I set up a document online that outlines the specifics of what their deadlines are, when our meetings are, and any other information that they need to know. This is great because I am able to send a link to this document out in Chaatz messages, e-mails, and all other forms of communication whenever I need to reference something or remind them.

I also use this system when I create rehearsal schedules for the theatre companies that I work for so that the cast and crew is instantly informed of any changes that may happen.

If you’re a student leader, what are your top tips to improve your communication skills?



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Communication Skills For Student Club Leaders

2 thoughts on “Communication Skills For Student Club Leaders

  • September 20, 2016 at 12:53 pm

    Amazing post!!! I am a student leader and to help improve communication we have our minutes in a google doc. That way if changes to dates or events are made they can simply be updated. It is easier to find changes, instead of looking through tons of emails.

  • September 29, 2016 at 12:23 pm

    To help with organization we use google calendars so that we see whose doing what and when.


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