Guess who has a press pass and is modelling for College Fashion Week? Check it out! #HerCampus

I am so excited. Seriously, so excited.

I’ve shared with you before about how starting a Her Campus chapter changed and vastly improved my college experience. I started my chapter a year and a half ago and we have grown to over 100 girls at my university all working together to create an amazing community and online magazine. It has been an incredible experience and being able to do it while being connected to the Her Campus brand name has been really great. Now my favorite female empowered brand, Her Campus Media, is finally coming to LA! The brand is based in Boston, so being able to finally meet these people who I’ve been talking to for 2 years is huge for me!

The best part? They’re coming to LA for an amazing event: The 5th Annual College Fashion Week.

College Fashion Week is a unique event for fashion-obsessed college women to come together in an inclusive, empowering, and fun platform to celebrate themselves, their bodies, and fashion as a form of self expression. In addition, College Fashion Week showcases top talent from the next generation of up and coming female fashion entrepreneurs and designers. Awesome right?

How I’m Involved

Not only was I chosen as an influencer to cover the event for press, but my HC Chapter is also helping Her Campus Media promote the event ahead of time, and I am personally modelling in the actual show! Definitely time to do a face mask to help my face repair from the stress of midterms this week…

Let’s be honest.. with everything that I do is it any surprise that I’d be involved in more than one way? (No.)

I am so excited to attend this event and model in the shows. I’ve never walked a runway before, but that is what makes CFW so special! All the models are all real college women from around the nation so you’ll be seeing the fashions on all kinds of body shapes and sizes.

During the event be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see back stage behind the scenes updates while I model in the shows!

What’s Going On


The event is a 3-hour celebration (from 6pm – 9pm) with 4 different mini fashion shows of 10 looks each. In between each of the shows all the guests have the chance to mingle, network, and hangout with the various sponsors and partners in the activation lounge.

There are 4 shows featuring 5 new upcoming designers/entrepreneurs.
1. RUSH: Featuring Ali & Ariel and Frill Clothing

2. FESTIVAL: Featuring Foray Collective

3. STUDY CHIC: Featuring My Social Canvas

4. GIRL’S NIGHT OUT: Featuring Bow & Drape

If you’re a blogger this is a great way to meet other bloggers, if you’re fashion-obsessed this is a great chance to see some amazing fashion collections, and if you’re human this is a great chance to get a bunch of free swag (your ticket comes with a goodie bag priced at $900!)

Wait, a goodie bag? Yeah, you heard that right. Here are some of the sponsors you’ll see throughout the event, and you might see some of their great products in your goodie bag!

1. FitBit: Yes please! The new FitBit, Flex 2, is 30% smaller than the original and is a great way to effortlessly track all-day activity, exercise, and sleep. It’s swim-proof and it fits in bands, bracelets, or pendants so you always look in style.

2. Drybar: Drybar is a great way to get a blowout without having to pay overpriced salon prices, perfect for your next night out in LA!

3. Rebecca Minkoff: I have heard so much about Rebecca Minkoff lately so I am excited to see her style! Rebecca Minkoff has an amazing range of apparel from handbags, footwear, jewelry, and accessories.

4. Vince Camuto: Can I just say, these booties are to die for? Vince Camuto also has amazing handbags and apparel for the fashion-focused modern women, perfect for internships and making an impression.

5. Bertha Watches: These watches are very high fashion, rare, and carefully designed to look luxurious and modern. There are so many different collections that are gorgeous!

6. Perfumania: With such a wide variety of high quality products it’s amazing that they offer such substantial savings and personalized service. I’m excited to see what scents Perfumania offers at the event and to maybe find one that matches my style.

Come Join Me

If you’re in the LA area, come hangout at College Fashion Week this Saturday!

Tickets are only $20 and you can purchase them here.

If you’re going, let me know in the comments below and maybe we can meet up. Make sure to cheer for me if you see me modelling in the shows. See you there!

Keep an eye out, after the show is over I’ll fill you in on all the details and what it’s like being a model in CFW.



This is a sponsored post in partnership with Her Campus Media and its College Fashion Week brand partners. All words and opinions are my own.
Getting Ready For College Fashion Week LA

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