RESULTS: Junior year of college semester goals - 15 goals for the 15 weeks in the semester! Come read and follow along with my progress.


Happy new year! While some people use the new year as a time to set goals and resolutions for themselves, I like to do it a little more often. Since I am in school my life is broken up into 3 segments: the Fall semester, the Spring semester, and Summer. Because of this I like to set goals for each semester to give myself a chance to start over and get on track.

Since my semester consists of 15 weeks of classes I like to set 15 goals and follow up on them by sharing my results after the semester is over. Here is how I did on my goals this semester:

1. Get all A’s and B’s in my classes.

Result: ✓ Success! This semester I didn’t do as well as I wanted to, but in the end I am proud of the grades that I earned.


2. Not miss any Her Campus deadlines.

Result: I have set this goal every semester, and unfortunately this is the first time I didn’t reach it. My chapter has some issues this year and I had to take a step back due to my mental health and unfortunately as a chapter we missed some of our social media requirements.


3. Spend 15 minutes each day stretching or doing yoga.

Result: ✓  While I didn’t technically reach this goal, I did make great strides in taking care of my physical health – going to the gym at least once a week and doing yoga in my room once a week. I call that a win! I’ll definitely be stepping this up next semester.


4. Eat out no more than 3 times a week.

Result: ✓ I have to thank my boyfriend’s family for this one – thank you so much for welcoming me over for dinner so often and for making it gluten free! 🙂


5. Spend more time with my roommates and friends.

Result: X I thought this one was going to be a no-brainer, but weirdly enough I didn’t reach it. My roommates and I were each so busy that we were rarely in our room at the same time and at the end of the semester we had to schedule a time to hangout and study together just so we could see each other one more time! I have to admit this is completely my fault: I ended up getting really involved and focused on my boyfriend, especially near the end of the semester when he accepted a job in a different state, I wanted to spend as much time with him as I could before he left. Since he’s going to be gone next semester I will definitely be spending more time with my roommates and friends.


6. Get used to wearing glasses.

Result: ✓  Apparently I look better with glasses than without and should wear them even when I don’t need them? Good to know! I actually really enjoy wearing my glasses and have noticed a great reduction in my headaches.


7. Learn to say “no” and stop signing up for things.

Result: ✓ I delegated a lot more of my HC chapter as well as turned down a few job offers and other projects. Coming from someone who previously signed up to help with anything and everything: this is a success.


8. Create, and stick to, a food budget.

Result: X While I definitely did focus on spending less money on food this semester (specifically food I ended up not eating in time and it went bad) I didn’t plan out a budget like I had wanted to.


9. Celebrate my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend with a nice date.

Result: ✓ With a fun trip around Los Angeles we celebrated our 1 year anniversary by going to cool places like: The Pixar Exhibit at the California Science Center, the Griffith Park Observatory, the LA Zoo Lights, and The Grove. It was a ton of fun and a great way to celebrate with my best friend.


10. Make my bed every morning.

Result: X I held this one for quite a while after making it… into early November (nearly 3 months!) but unfortunately once mid-terms hit I lost motivation to make my bed every morning. Whoops!


11. Clean my room at least once a week.

Result: ✓ While I did skip a couple of weeks, I am definitely proud of how clean I kept my room this semester by cleaning it once a week. It was a great way to de-clutter my space and my mind.


12. Reach my steps goal on my phone 5 times a week.

Result: X Halfway through this semester I modeled at Her Campus’ College Fashion Week where I got a nice FitBit Flex 2 that totally changed the game for this goal. My steps goal was now higher than the one that was set on my phone. Some weeks I reached it every week. Some days I tripled the goal, and other’s I barely reached 1/2 of the goal.  Some days I forgot to charge my FitBit and it was dead for two weeks (whoops.) Overall I’d say that it evened out to making my goal about 3 times a week, which didn’t reach the goal of 5 times a week unfortunately.


13. Use my crock pot at least 3 times.

Result: X I’ll be honest, I forgot about this goal. Right as the semester ended I took a look at these goals to remind myself and realized I definitely fell short on this one. I mentioned it to my boyfriend, his mom overheard, and this year for Christmas I got a “Healthy Crock Pot Meals for 2” cookbook, that I’ve already used twice! I’m excited to use this for the upcoming semester, and I think having a nice warm breakfast ready for me in the morning will definitely help with my pesky 8am class.


14. Post once a week on Dani Dearest.

Result: X I had posts planned out once a week for the entire semester, and unfortunately my academic schedule this semester took priority. It was hard to keep on top of the blog last semester with some of the hardest classes I’ve had to deal with yet.


15. Save 10% of all paychecks.

Result: ✓ This one is a little complicated – I quit my consistently paying job in early October because it became too much of a stress on my mental health and I needed time to commit to future internships. Due to this I have not had consistent income since October. Since I do make some money off of this blog whenever I did get a paycheck I am glad to say I put 100% of it into my savings since I had enough in my checking to live off of, which is why I’m calling this a win, but it wasn’t as consistent as I wanted it to be.

Final Tally / Reflection

8/15 Goals Completed

Just barely making over half, this has been the least amount of goals that I have accomplished throughout my college experience so far. Strangely enough, I think that this is the happiest semester I have had so far in college. I took a lot of time to focus on myself and sacrificed a lot in the sake of my own well being.

Want to make your own goals list? Check out my guide on making goals to improve productivity!

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Did you reach your goals last semester, or your last new year’s resolution? Tell me about it below!



Fall 2016 Semester Goals: Results

3 thoughts on “Fall 2016 Semester Goals: Results

  • January 6, 2017 at 12:34 pm

    This is so great to see! I’m happy that you accomplished so many of your goals because I know how good it feels! I actually think you have just inspired my next blog post and inspired me to set my own semester goals!

  • January 21, 2017 at 4:36 am

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  • January 22, 2017 at 2:21 am

    A wise move from a brilliant person like you. Yes. Indeed. You have to see if you are improving or not.


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