"Setting goals is the first step in making the invisible, visible." - Set your own goals + see my results now!Every semester that I’ve been in college I’ve sat down and shared 15 goals with you on this blog and then followed up, sharing my progress, after the semester is complete.

Sharing these goals, and the results, has kept me accountable to my goals as well as allowed me to reflect back on the semester and the progress I have made!

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

– Tony Robbins

Time to check in – how did I do?

1. Go to the gym at least once a week.

Result: ✓ Complete! This has been something I’ve been struggling with for a while now – I’m terrible at motivating myself to go to the gym. However, I did successfully do some sort of workout (usually in my dorm room) once a week this semester.

2. Talk to my boyfriend on the phone or video call once a day.

Result: ✓ Complete! My boyfriend moved halfway across the country for work for 12 out of the 15 weeks out of this semester – which was really hard. When he left we had a goal to talk on the phone at least once a day and then have a video call once a week… we went way above and beyond that. We had at least one (sometimes many!) video call every single day except one. It really helped me to get through not having him by my side everyday, and made it feel like he was here with me.

3. Meal prep on Sundays

Result: ✓ Yes! This was something that I had always been interested in trying, but sometimes my dinner plans with my boyfriend would be so last minute and confusing (Were we cooking in my dorm? His house? Picking up food? Going out for dinner?) that I wasn’t able to plan ahead. While he was away (see #2) I was only responsible for feeding myself, and I was able to plan and meal prep my dinners every week. I went 2 weeks without meal prepping in the middle, and they were stressful, so I went back to it. It was fun finding new recipes and carving out time to cook one day a week – I actually like cooking now! – and it was really reassuring to know that at the end of a crazy week I could come back and have dinner ready for me. If you’re thinking about meal prepping, I definitely recommend it.

4. Don’t buy any new clothes

Result: ✓ This one was difficult – I wanted to save money so I decided not to buy any new clothes this semester. However, I had a really important interview for an internship (more on that in a second) and then got the internship (spoiler alert!) so I needed some nice business casual clothes. Luckily, I had a gift card sitting in my wallet so I used that instead of the money in my bank account!

5. Habit tracking each month

Result: ✓ Instead of habit tracking each month like my goal was.. I actually outgrew the habits I was tracking. Let me explain: While I did only habit track for the first two months of the semester… it became a little pointless for me personally. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe that habit tracking is a fantastic way to set up a personal routine, reach and track goals, decrease anxiety, help you to get out of bed on bad depression days, and motivate yourself.

However, after two months of habit tracking – I just didn’t need it anymore. I mainly habit tracked for self care items such as taking my medication, making my bed, washing my face morning and night, reaching my FitBit step goal, and what not. After two months of focusing on doing those things I was in such a routine for it that I didn’t need to track it anymore. Time to think up new habits to track!

6. Get a killer internship

Result: ✓ Check and check. Great company, and great job. Doing social media (what I do for fun + this blog) and get paid and internship credit for it? Count me in!

7. Do laundry each Sunday

Result: ✓ I was surprisingly on schedule with this one!

8. Clean room each Sunday

Result: ✓ I’ll admit, I ended up cleaning my room about three a week because of how dirty it got in between… but every Sunday I would make sure to carve out time to deep clean. It was so nice starting the week with a fresh space.

9. Make bed each morning

Result: ✓ This started as a goal and turned into something I needed to do in the morning. Even if I was running late to my 8am lecture, by the time I got back at 10 I would make my bed before doing anything else for my day. My mind couldn’t focus until that bed was made and it helped to improve my productivity!

10. Post on Dani Dearest once a week

Result: X I only missed 3 weeks out of the semester for this one – however, I was very sad about those 3 weeks. This semester was a crazy one and unfortunately I wasn’t able to live up to my blogger goals this time. However – I have been learning a lot at my internship about how to stay consistent on social media and posting and I am excited to create a game plan to make sure I am more consistent!

11. Try at least 5 new recipes

Result: ✓ I’ll thank meal planning for this one – got to try some yummy new dishes!

12. Use Plan consistently

Result: X While I did use Plan quite often, I mainly saved it for super busy days.

13. Keep my plants alive

Result: X They died about two weeks after posting this goal.. whoops.

14. Spend only $40 a week on groceries & track how much I spend to be able to create a budget in the future – Bonus: Use coupons!

Result: ✓ Once again – thanking this to meal planning! It really helped to keep me within a budget. However, I did not reach my bonus of using coupons.

15. Only go grocery shopping once a week – with a recipe list!

Result: ✓ Another one to thank meal planning for!

TOTAL: 12/15 goals met – I’m very happy with that number!

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Semester Goals – Results: Spring 2017

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