Today we’re gonna change things up a little bit here on Dani Dearest. We’re gonna get a little personal.
Everyday I focus on bringing you content, advice, and ideas to help you and your friends prepare for college, life as a millennial, your career, and future success in your life and studies. (That’s a mouthful!) I’m figuring out along the way as well, just sharing what worked for me & my friends with you & your friends to help you succeed.

There are a lot of really great changes happening over here behind the scenes on Dani Dearest – I don’t want to spoil all the news yet, but get excited!

As a part of these changes, I want to take the time to be a little bit more open, honest, and real with you all. Your support to me as readers and friends has gotten me through so much these last 2 and a half years, and I want to continue to grow together. In honor of this, I am launching a new monthly segment on Dani Dearest: Happening.

Once a month, usually around the middle of the month, I will post a life update with you. What is “Happening” in my life at that moment. The good, the bad, the ugly. The true trials, fails, successes, and thoughts. My favorite things from around the web at the time, and the things I’m not loving quite as much. I already consider you my BFFs, it’s time to open up and let you in!

Let’s do this. Happening: June

The Good

Cheesy moment: Things are pretty good right now.

Last month my boyfriend came home after being away for 3 months and I moved in with him and his family – and this is the happiest I’ve been in a very long time. It’s no secret here that I live with anxiety and depression, I’ve talked about it a bit before, but since I moved in with my boyfriend I feel like I have taken great steps forward in improving my life with those.

The Bad

I took an online class this summer, to get a general education requirement out of the way before I start my senior year of college. I thought that this would be a fairly easy way to complete this requirement and have an easier year. However, right at the time that this course started a series of family emergencies came up that led to me constantly being stressed about meeting the weekly deadlines.

Luckily, and unluckily, the course was only 4 weeks long. This was great because it was over before I knew it, but also sucked because there wasn’t a single week that I was able to calmly complete the work without stressing to find time to get it done throughout the week instead of hours before it was due. So, that was frustrating. Luckily its over!

Featured Favorites

Here’s some things I’m loving this month:

1) 10 Tips for Doing Well in Online Classes from the Students Toolbox

Don’t be stressed while taking online classes like I was, here are some amazing tips from the team over at the Students Toolbox to help you succeed in those online classes!

2) Tapestries

From dorm décor to office décor (yes, I hung one in my cubicle and it fits perfectly!) I’m a huge fan of using tapestries to instantly add personal style and a pop of color to any space while also adding a layer of coziness. Here are some of my favorites!

3) TED-Ed talks about Synesthesia

This is an older video, but I had it saved because I want to share it! If you’ve never heard of Synesthesia, I seriously recommend you check this video out. Synesthesiaa is the connection of two or more senses together. I’ve had this for as long as I can remember, connecting colors and numbers together. It’s so cool to learn about.

What is new with you? Fill me in on what is happening in your life this month, in the comments!



Happening: June

One thought on “Happening: June

  • June 27, 2017 at 6:37 pm

    The good: While I’m visiting my grandmother, I got to see my boyfriend and spend some time with him which is always lovely since we have a long-distance relationship.
    The bad: I’ve been very stressed recently with an online class I’m taking, finances and similar things which has caused some strain in my relationships with family.
    Favorites: 1. Pinterest – Pinteresting food has become my obsession. 2. Hair Care – I’ve totally been into learning how to take care of my complex hair type, which is something I’ve never really known how to do. 3. Budgeting – I’m trying to be much more careful with where my money is going and how much is going there.


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