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I can’t believe it’s already Fall. I probably say that every year… but wow. Time for our monthly check-in!

Happening: September.

The Good

My September so far has two main highlights:

  1. I traveled by train for the first time! Yes, I have never been on a train before (or traveled by myself before!) and I took the leap and traveled by train down to visit a friend in San Diego on weekend this month. It was surprisingly easy to travel by train and was very worth it to visit one of my best friends at her college.
  2. This month was packed full of events for my Her Campus chapter – which ended up with us recruiting 48 new members. Crazy! This is my last semester as President, after having started up the chapter my freshman year, and it was a very successful recruitment season.

The Bad

My first day of class sucked to be honest.

It was over 100 degrees. One of my professors didn’t show up to a meeting I had scheduled. The power went out in my second class (and ended up being out for 6 days!) so I had my second and third classes held in dark, hot, powerless rooms. I then had two meetings, one of which had to be held in a dark, hot dorm room because everyplace on campus where we would normally meet like Starbucks or the library or the Student Union were closed due to the power outage, and my second meeting was held outside in the 100 degree heat. Great start to my Senior year.

Another thing, that goes along with one of the “good” notes unfortunately, is that with everything I have been doing lately I am getting really rundown. I have a few chronic illnesses that cause my body to overreact under stress and high levels of activity, and since my activities are now over I am paying for it with a lot of pain and a lot of exhaustion. Any self care tips to help me recover faster?

Featured Favorites

1. Armitron Watches. 

Throughout the end of August and early September I worked on a series of fun sponsorship campaigns with Armitron Watches – and I truly love their products! I now have a watch for every outfit, and I’m obsessed. (See my favorite post that I did with them, here!)

2. 22 Easy Ways to Get Fit (Even If You’re Busy) by Mostly Morgan

Another well written and helpful post from one of my favorite bloggers – Morgan!

3. Lipsticks.

Bold, neutral, playful… I love them all. Lately I’ve been really into matching my lipstick with my outfit! Here are some colors I’m liking right now:


What’s happening with you? What are your September Good, Bad, and Faves?



Happening: September 2017

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