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Welcome to the first ever Happening monthly post of 2018!
It’s the middle of January, which means it’s time for our mid-month check in! Here we gooo:

Happening: January.

The Good

The end of December and the beginning of January so far have been pretty good.

I was lucky to welcome in 2018 dancing with some of my closest friends at Universal Studios Hollywood. There was a fireworks show, live bands, and a ton of love. That night was especially fun because I was able to meet one of my blogger friends, Kayla!

Kayla and her boyfriend, Ryan, were visiting Los Angeles for vacation and I was able to meet up with them at Universal Studios on New Years Eve. Using some special connections (shoutout to my boyfriend, Anthony!) I was able to treat them to VIP seating for two of the shows at Universal and I was able to get Kayla chosen as a volunteer at the Special Effects Show – which means she went on stage and got scared by Michael Myers!

A few days ago I celebrated my boyfriend’s 22nd birthday at Disneyland (we might have a theme parking problem… 😉) and this week I started my last semester of college. This semester is bittersweet and exciting at the same time, I’m so ready to be done with school and to graduate this spring!

The Bad

Right after Christmas my boyfriend and I both caught the flu. We were down and out for about a week, but are still dealing with lingering coughs and exhaustion. That was definitely not fun.

If you’ve been following the news lately you’ve noticed that within the last few weeks California has been hit with quite a bit more rain than we are used to, resulting in major danger, flooding, and mudslides in the areas that were severely burnt by the fires we faced last month. Luckily, my family and I are safe and away from the flood zones. However, many of my friends have had to evacuate their houses again and it has been a stressful time for many in this area.

Featured Favorites

1. A College Girl’s Guide: Rocking the Career Fair by The Swirl

This blog post by the wonderful ladies over at The Swirl is a fabulous guide on how to rock your school’s career fair – a must read for anyone looking to get an internship this semester!

2. Backpacks

One of the most fun parts of a new semester is being able to get new school supplies – like backpacks! Here are a few that I am loving right now:

3. Zoodles

Zucchini. Noodles. Yeah, I’m jumping on this trend a little late.. but my boyfriend got a veggie noodle maker thingy for Christmas and I’ve been stealing it for my meal prep – love it! Anyone have any good zoodle recipes?

How has your January been going so far? Take this time to reflect and share!



Happening: January 2018

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