Guess what time it is? Spring break! 🎉🎉🎉

I’m spending my last spring break ever relaxing at home, hanging out with some great friends, and spending time with my family… and catching up on some blog posts. Yes, you caught me, I skipped the Happening post for February. But, fear not, I’m going to catch you all up to speed with everything in my life – right now!

Happening: February & March.

The Good

February and early March had a lot going on in the career space for me: I went through a few rounds of interviews and ended up landing a full-time job at the company where I have interned for nearly a year! I love working there and I truly enjoy working with my manager (who is probably reading this.. hi!) and I am very excited to have the opportunity to have a full-time job immediately following my graduation.

Speaking of which…

I graduate in 44 days.

My cap and gown are ordered, a photo shoot is lined up for my graduation announcements, I just bought my graduation dress, I have my tassel… and it’s getting down to it! I am so excited and so ready.

Another good thing (well, great thing) that happened was I was able to go visit my boyfriend! If you’ve been staying up to date with my Happening posts for a while here, you’ll know that my boyfriend travels on a tour for work for months at a time. In early March I had the chance to visit him!

I got to be a groupie and spend 5 whole days with him and his tour across the California stops of their show. It was a ton of fun to see his life on tour, I loved watching him be amazing at his job, and the cast and crew made me feel right at home. 17 days until he comes home!

One more thing: I realized the other day, that I only have 2 more exams (both final exams) left and then I am officially done with exams for the rest of my life. HOW WEIRD IS THAT?


The Bad

Since my last happening post, my boyfriend went back on tour. I didn’t cry for a few days – which is a new record – but it is always really hard.

Additionally, right after I went to go visit him, I jumped into tech week for a show at school. Normally this would be under a good column, and the show did go very well, but I just felt like I haven’t had a chance to relax and kind of process everything since I had such a crazy three weeks back to back.

Lately I’ve been having some medical issues, leading into what is yet another medical mystery that is my body. It’s been really scary and really lonely, not knowing what is going on in my body and how this possible new illness is going to effect my future. Just have to keep my fingers crossed that it will be easy to manage, whenever we finally figure out what it is.

How has your spring been going so far? Take this time to reflect and share!



Happening: February and March 2018

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