Today Anthony is back with a great post helping those of you who may not be working full-time right now to be productive and make the most of your days off of work. Anthony's work schedule changes drastically each week, and this post helps to give insight into what he does on his days off to make sure he stays ahead!

For those working a full time 9-5 Salaried position a full week off sounds like heaven, but for those of us working hourly, party time, or seasonal work a full week off can really hurt you. My job schedule is a unique one, sometimes I’ll work three 70 hour work weeks in a row and sometimes I’m lucky to get one four-hour shift. We call it feast and famine – unpredictable and quite often frustrating, but I love the work.

…I may or may not be writing this on my 2nd of 9 days off but that’s irrelevant. 😉

Here’s how I make those unexpected days off productive:

Be Creative

Relaxing at home sounds amazing at first but I find it gets boring real quick. Do something creative (like write a blog post 😉). Find a new hobby you can take up at home: start learning a new language, writing on a blog, creating something new, hiking, or catch up with old friends. Anything to keep your brain thinking.

Take Care What You’re Normally Too Busy To Do

This free time doesn’t have to be filled by making money. Use this time to do those chores you’ve been putting off. Pick up the room, do a deep clean, or relax and take an at home spa day.

Call in

Let your manager know that you’re free and willing to fill in any sick calls. This usually puts you on the top of the call list and could land you a few last-minute shifts depending on how often people call out. Plus, it shows initiative and makes your manager’s job a little easier.

Try Online Money Makers

It can be simple to make money online during these days off work. Freelancing sites such as Upwork and Fiverr will pay you to do things like write articles, edit photos, transcribe audio clips, design graphics, and create online content. If you have a car, consider driving for Uber, Lyft, Amazon Flex Delivery, Postmates, Door Dash, or Grub Hub. If you know a second language consider working for an online tutoring service where you work via video call. If you enjoy making anything, try your hand at selling it online. From graphics and paintings to t-shirts and blankets, many hobbies have a market for them online. Some of these places may have to run a background check that can take a week or more, so make sure to sign up a little early.

When looking for online work be wary of any “get rich quick” schemes, MLMs, or… generally anything that may sound too good to be true or requires you to spend your own money to get started. Be careful, do your research, and you’ll be able to find legitimate ways to make money online.

Call Other Places

Is your skill set transferable to other companies? Call around. There are plenty of places that do one-offs or hire people on an as needed basis. Get in on the good side with places like that and call them up when you have free time. Even if you don’t have a whole week off, if they have shifts that they want you to cover that can be a great way to make extra money.

Tip: Does a friend own a business or have a side gig reach out and let them know you’re looking for temp work – it might be a win win for everybody.

Further Your Education

If higher education is on your wish list, take this unplanned time away from work to advance your education and get that degree you’ve been dreaming about.

Even if a degree isn’t your goal, taking a course or two in something that you want to better yourself at or a certification that would look good for future employers is a great way to take time off and turn it into a chance to improve yourself professionally. It’s also important to just continue your craft to keep up your skills during this time away.

For example, I work in event and theatrical lighting – when I am not working consistently I make sure to open up a virtual lighting console and practice designing and programming lights. This way I keep my skills sharp, and feel better prepared to jump back in on top of my game the next time I have a gig. Plus, it allows me to design, which keeps me creatively fulfilled.

Keep up with your normal schedule.

You don’t have work tomorrow so why not stay up late and sleep in? Why not have that extra glass of wine? While that’s totally fine for a night or two, it’s real easy to let that form into a new habit. Then, next week when you’re back to your normal schedule it will be a lot harder to get back into it.

Continue to wake up and fall asleep at your regular times, eat 3 meals a day, shower regularly, and overall make sure to take care of your physical and mental health.

If you work an inconsistent schedule, what do you do to make the most of your time away from work?

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Anthony is a 23 year old living in Southern California while working with lights in the live entertainment industry. He loves making stuff, blowing stuff up, flying stuff, and his fluffy enormous golden retriever.



How to Have a Productive Week Off Work

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