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As you start your career it can be a little intimidating to know what you should bring with you to work since your needs can change depending on your work environment and career path. Since Anthony and I work two very different jobs, today I’m bringing you a look into what we carry in our work bags – for two very different environments and career paths!

Mine: I work in an office – a classic 9-5, cubicle, spending 99% of my day behind a computer or in back to back meetings.

His: Anthony’s job is skilled labor, primarily in theatrical/theme park lighting/stage/technical work.

Since our day-to-day work is so drastically different, is what we carry with us on the job!

Take a look at what we carry in our work bags.

HERS: Office Work

1: Work Laptop

The most important item that I have in my bag, which I absolutely cannot leave home without, is my work laptop.

What I have: The 13inch MacBook Pro with touchbar

2: Post-it Notes

You never know when you’ll need to jot down a note, idea, memo, or reminder.

What I have: 3×3 Post-It Notes in pastel colors

3: Ball Point Pens

From signing birthday cards in your car and writing thank you notes after interviews to jotting down notes from your boss and reminders as you drive to work… you never know when a good pen will come in handy.

Similar to what I have: Pilot G2 Retractable Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens

4: Glasses Cleaning Cloths

I never knew how annoying fingerprints were until I got glasses…

Similar to what I have: Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

5: Oil Absorbing Sheets

TMI moment: My skin? Oily. My best way to combat this before going into an important meeting? Oil absorbing sheets.

Similar to what I have: Oil Absorbing Facial Sheets

6: Lip Gloss

For that extra boost of confidence before you run into a presentation.
What I have: NYX Butter Gloss

7: Travel Pill Box

From emergency ibuprofen to mid-day medication – this travel pill box ensures you’re always prepared.

What I have: Compact 3 Compartment Pill Box

8: Small Wallet

Personally, I like a compact wallet/credit card case that can fit into my pocket when need be. No matter if I’m grabbing coffee with a coworker or picking up dinner at the end of the day, having your credit cards, ID, and a little cash on you is important.

Similar to what I have: Card Case/Wallet

9: Mini Hairbrush

The Wet Hairbrush is my favorite hairbrush, and this tiny travel version is perfect to toss in my bag and break out right before a big meeting. Especially important since I love driving with my windows down… but my hair doesn’t.

What I have: Mini Wet Brush

10: Large Purse

This cute and comfy purse is the perfect size to fit everything that I need in it!

What I have: ZYSUN Laptop Tote Bag

11: Foundation Brush

Ideal for touching up your makeup mid-day.

What I have: ELF Ultimate Blending Brush

12: Light Foundation Powder

Calling all acne prone/oily skin ladies! This foundation powder is the. bomb.

What I have: Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Poreless Pressed Face Powder

13: Travel Deoderant

Need we say more?

What I have: Secret Invisible Solid Outlast Travel

14: Eye Drops

Anyone with dry eyes who spends all day looking at their computer will tell you… carrying eye drops is a necessity.

What I have: Thera Tears

15: Large (but thin) Notebook

For the days when you’re running straight from your car to a meeting, and don’t have time to stop by your desk… always be prepared!

Similar to what I have: Spiral Notebook

16: Earbuds

Taking a video conference without a conference room? Time for your emergency earbuds!

Similar to what I have: Phillips Pro Wired Earbuds

HIS: Skills Labor

1: Framer Gloves

These gloves have a free thumb, index finger, and middle finger to allow you to better handle tools, and have TPR on the back to protect from injuries.

What he has: Mechanix Wear Leather M-Pact Framer Gloves

2: Knit Gloves

In case of working outside, in the cold.

Similar to what he has: Knit Touchscreen Gloves

3: Sun Face/Neck Protection

A necessity for protecting your face and neck from UV rays when working outside events for long periods of time.

What he has: Summer Face Mask

4: Extra Phone Charger

When working long hours, you have to be prepared.

What he has: Oneplus C USB Data Cable/Power Charger

5: Tools on Lanyards

When working from heights, dropping your tools is a big safety hazard.

What he has: Lanyard & Adjustable Wrench & Carabiner

6: Electrical Tape

What he has: Scotch Vinyl Electrical Tape

7: Non-Contact Voltage Tester

When working with cables, cords, and lighting fixtures – testing for voltage is important.

What he has: Klein Tools NCVT-1 Non-Contact Voltage Tester

8: Writing Utensils

Similar to what he has: Permanent Markers

9: Leatherman – Multi-Tool

What he has: Leatherman Multi-Tool

10: Sunscreen, chap stick, and ibuprofen

Similar to what he has: Sunscreen & Travel Advil

11: High Visibility Vest

Similar to what he has: Neiko High Visibility Vest

12: Headlamp

What he has: Nitecore NU25 360 Lumen Triple Output Headlamp

13: Chalkbag

Perfect for securing tools on you when climbing at heights.

What he has: AMC Rock Climbing Chalk Bag

14: Clamp Meter

What he has: Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter

15: Wire Cutters

What he has: Klein Tools 11055 Wire Cutters & Strippers

16: Screwdriver Set

What he has: Wera Kraftform Plus 160i/6 Professional Screwdriver Set

17: Document Bag

To carry tools and important papers.

What he has: Husky 12 Inch Document Bag

18: Flashlight

Similar to what he has: Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

19: 64oz Water Bottle

Similar to what he has: 64oz Hydroflask

20: Large Backpack

What he has: Oakley Men’s Backpack

What’s your career path, and what do you carry in your work bag?

What we carry in our work bags!



What We Carry in Our Work Bags
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One thought on “What We Carry in Our Work Bags

  • October 11, 2019 at 8:12 am

    This is such a good post idea! I work from home currently, but my supplies for work are pretty much the same as yours. My husband is a personal trainer, so he carries very different items – things like resistance bands, a lacrosse ball (for rolling out muscles), and other fancy gym things I couldn’t tell you the name of. It’s interesting seeing the difference!


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