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    Preparing your Planner for a New Year
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    Using JotForm for Your Blog or Small Business
  • Get ready with these 7 essential steps to getting ready for new classes! Can't miss these! #college #class #school
    Preparing for New Classes
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  • How to make a calendar out of post-it notes! Simple, cheap, creative, effective, and stress relieving. Have a busy schedule? This is perfect to make sure you don't miss anything and to flow through the week with ease. #diy #calendar #planner #college #postit #study #school - Created by: !
    My Desk: Post-it Note Calendar
  • My Desk: Assignment Schedule
  • Creative way to use a weekly planner in college, high school, or life! Never miss an assignment or important date, organize your life to make it less stressful, and much more. #organize #college #planner #dorm #study #highschool #school
    My Desk: How I Use My Planner
  • Semester Goals for Fall 2014 -
    Fall 2014 Semester Goals

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