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Dani Dearest is your one stop go to place to find everything that a millennial woman needs: especially those who are still in, about to attend, or recently graduated from college.


WaterColor_100pzDani Dearest launched in September 2014 as an attempt to become creatively fulfilled by sharing thoughts and daily life with the world.

Since then Dani Dearest has evolved into an empowering community dedicated to helping millennial and college women succeed in life and their studies.

From navigating the college choosing process and learning how to organize a busy schedule of work and school together, to personalizing a planner cover and how to choose what study abroad program is for you, we have a wide variety of posts crafted just for you.


Overall: Here at Dani Dearest we believe that you can succeed in your studies and your career while still being creatively fulfilled. And we’re here to help.

About Me – Dani

Hi there, I’m Dani!

I believe that there’s a lot more to myself than anyone has so far discovered.


That’s why I’m here, to try to discover more about myself through writing and sharing my thoughts with you. So I’m on a quest to become creatively fulfilled. Join me on this journey while I go through college, express myself through organization, cope with my anxiety, and overall understand that I’m a procrastinating overachiever.
That’s right, a procrastinating overachiever: I tend to go above and beyond on any project in order to procrastinate from something else!
I love what I do, and I do what I love and I’m hoping to spread that mentality with the world.

Welcome to my blog, my attempt to become creatively fulfilled.

I’m a college senior, 20 years old. Born, raised, and still residing in California. Feminist. Published writer on HerCampus.com and part time theatrical stage manager.



School: I’m majoring in Communications with a minor in Theatre Arts.

Extracurriculars: Theatre, stage managing, Do-It-Yourself crafts, organization, writing, web graphic design, lace, Disney, washi tape and Lucille Ball.

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