Semester Goals: Fall 2016

Junior year of college semester goals - 15 goals for the 15 weeks in the semester! Come read and follow along with my progress.

Fall is officially here! In some places the weather is starting to cool down, leaves are changing colors, Starbucks is serving Pumpkin Spice Lattes again, and it’s nearly time to wear scarves and eat turkey. However, where I live in Southern California it is hotter than it has been all Summer with temperatures in the 100’s all this week… oh well.

Despite what it may say outside, it is still the beginning of the fall semester of my Junior year of college. This is my 3rd year in college and my 3rd year (6th semester) sharing my semester goals tips with all of you. It’s crazy looking back at all my goals from previous semesters and seeing the progress I have made.

Before I starting doing this I was never one for making goals, or sharing my goals or progress with others. Since doing this I have discovered that sharing my goals with the world is a great way to keep myself accountable and cause change in my life.

Since my semester consists of 15 weeks of classes I like to set 15 goals and follow up on them by sharing my results after the semester is over. Ready to see what I have in store for this semester? Here are my goals for this semester: Read More!

Communication Skills For Student Club Leaders

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chaatz. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you a student leader looking to foster better communication skills? Check this out!

Being in a leadership position can be scary, exhilarating, and a fantastic learning experience all at the same time. As the founder and president of one of the largest student organizations on my university campus, I have a lot of fellow students asking me for tips and advice about being in leadership positions. Whether you’re starting up your own club on campus, taking on a role as an executive cabinet member on an existing club, or even stepping up your position at work, communication is key. Here are 3 tips to improve how you communicate with your team. Read More!

DIY LED Light for Better Blog Photos Under $20

This DIY project will help you take amazing high definition blog photos using any camera or smartphone for under $20!

Today I am excited to bring to you a guest post from my boyfriend, Anthony!

Every blogger knows that the way to get good photos is by using as much sunlight as possible. After hearing me get frustrated over and over again about how there is no good light in my dorm room to take decent photos with, and I didn't have enough money to buy a nice light, Anthony decided to create a simple inexpensive LED panel light for me. This light has definitely helped to improve my photography game and I am excited to incorporate the photos with it into future posts. Now, after seeing how much this light has eased my photography frustrations, Anthony is here to share with you how you too can make a simple, inexpensive, LED panel light to improve your blog photos!
Note: For the purpose of this post all the photos included were taken without the light and with very minimal editing.

A very big part of running a blog is making sure you get good photos and one of the best ways to improve your photos is to make sure you have good lighting. In this post I’m going to show you how to make a simple LED panel light for under $20. This project is very simple and requires no electronics knowledge. Although no soldering is required you can solder on this project if you want to learn how to and practice a little bit. Read More!

College Survival Goodies For Every Personality

College Survival Goodies For Every Personality! From the memory maker to the busy bee and even the late night crammer...

One week from today I start my Junior year of college classes. It’s crazy to think that I am halfway through my college education!

Throughout my time in college I have been blogging here to share with you my experiences, tips, tricks, and thoughts to help inspire and guide my fellow college women and millennials to succeed. So when BabbleBoxx reached out to me with a list of products that they thought every college women should get, in their CollegeShe-vival box, I definitely agreed! This fun batch of products is very unique and definitely has something for each college student’s personality and I think you’ll find something there just for you.  (more…)