Free Download: Assignment Calendar – Summer Semester

This free download printable is the perfect way to make sure you don't miss an assignment ever again! #MustHave #College

A couple of months ago I made a free Assignment Calendar template for the Spring 2016 semester, and since then I’ve heard some great things about how you all are using it!

I love hearing how you all are using the download and I’ve had a couple of requests to create more for future semesters, starting with the Summer 2016 semester for those students taking summer courses. I’ve got great news: It’s here and ready to be downloaded! Read More!

10 Simple Moving Hacks

10 simple moving hacks - great for college students!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT. All opinions are 100% mine.

All college students who don’t live at home with their parents become experts at one thing: moving.

Moving into your dorm or apartment at the start of the year, moving part way out for winter break, moving back in after break, moving back home for Summer and sometimes even then moving to new apartments for the Summer. Rinse and repeat each year.

Over time, you learn hacks for what works for you, but knowing where to start can be scary. From saving money, saving time, and saving energy here are 10 tips to help make that move a little bit easier. Read More!

Let’s Get Real: Knowing When to Take a Step Back

Pier 39 - San Francisco, CA

If you’ve read even one of my other posts you might be aware of how busy I tend to be.

I’ve written post after post about how I use certain tools to juggle working four jobs, being a full time student, having a relationship, and still having a social life with friends.  I’ve shared with you how I struggle with anxiety and you may have noticed how my semester-ly goals often include things like “be happy,” “take a deep breath,” and “find time to relax.”

This is because there is at least one point each semester that I become too overwhelmed with my work load and break down. Last semester I was taking 19 units/credits of classes, and even though I made the Dean’s List and raised my GPA higher than ever, I found myself feeling constantly stressed. No, I didn’t need to take 19 credits of classes, but I did. I know why, too, I was using my busy schedule to distract myself from an unhappy and unhealthy relationship.

This semester I decided to take less credits, only 15, to give myself a bit of a break. I also got out of that bad relationship, and am now in a great one with a guy who treats me incredibly well. Somehow, that made things worse. Now that I wanted to have more free time to spend with my boyfriend, it made it more difficult to get work done without feeling upset. For the most part, I made it work. I juggled priorities, resulting in one half all-nighter to complete two 14 page projects, multiple upsets, a couple missed assignments, and have nearly made it through the semester.

Unfortunately, I had to take a step back from a couple of things. While my health and school work took priority, a couple of things had to be pushed to the back burner: like my blog here.

My posts became fewer, farther between, and (I’ll admit it) the content was lacking. I tried to fight the urge to give into the “just post it to post something” mentality. When I post here, I want to be proud of what I say. I want to focus on helping people and providing great content. I don’t want to post for the sake of posting. Unfortunately, I could not put in the time to make sure craft a post worth publishing.  Read More!

What to Carry in a College Backpack

Not sure what to carry in a college backpack? Here a student breaks it down for you: the top 9 things you can't leave without! Don't worry, you won't be bringing your entire life with you.

So, I’m definitely the “mom” of my friend group. From waiting up for the “home” text from my commuter friends late at night and driving my neighbor to the pharmacy to get a prescription filled, to baking cupcakes for a classmate who had a rough week and video calling my best friend overseas to tell her bad jokes when her roommates are being jerks. Lately, I’ve even become the kind of “mom” who carries my entire life in my purse.

Yep. It’s a black hole.

My purse is also usually my backpack as well, since it is large enough to fit a couple of books and my laptop.. though sometimes I do switch back to my favorite old green floral backpack for a comfier fit.

Is it super windy out and you need lotion? Sunglasses? A snack? You know who to ask. I’ve got you.

All jokes aside, I’ve recently gotten a couple of e-mails from incoming college Freshmen (congrats btw!) with some questions about college life. One of which being, what should I keep in my backpack and carry to class?

So, I took a look in my bag… removed everything in it that was even slightly ridiculous (seriously, there’s 3 different containers of breath mints, a package of skittles, 2 cough drops, a package of advil, and gummy bears…) and narrowed it down to the top 9 things that you should carry in your college backpack.

And hey, it was also a great excuse to make me clean out my bag. Here goes:

Backpack Numbered Read More!

Rules for Being a Good Roommate

Rules for Being a Good Roommate: Great tips for incoming college students!

Living on campus is a ton of fun. At no other point in your life will all of your best friends, your bedroom, classes, organizations, parties, dining, events, and often work be within walking distance from one another.

Living on campus usually comes with having to share a room with another person: your roommate. This is a blast! If you’re on good terms with your roommate it’s like having a sleepover with your best friend every night.

However, a lot of people go into their Freshman year terrified of what would happen if their roommates don’t get along. Take a deep breath, I’m here to help.

Depending on what school you go to, your housing situation differs. You may have multiple roommates. You may have to share one 10 by 10 box of a room with another person. You may have a living room and bathroom that you share with a minimal amount of people. You may even have a kitchen. You may have a room to yourself. You may have to share a bathroom with the entire floor.

You’ll hear this over and over again before going away to school, “you don’t have to be best friends with your roommates, you just need to tolerate each other.” While this is true, it really varies from person to person. My Freshman year roommate is currently one of my best friends. My Sophomore year roommates were a complete nightmare and literally bullied me and threatened me into moving out of our room. Now my current roommates are pretty nice and we get along well.

Here are a couple of things to help you in being a good roommate to help keep your rooming situation as painless (and maybe even fun, what?!) as possible. Read More!