College Dorm Room: First Week Essentials

7 Dorm Room Essentials To Help You Survive Your First Week Of College

From homesickness and making new friends to roommate quarrels and overwhelm from school work: your first year of college can be a crazy combo of ups and downs. Your first week isn’t any different. I’ve partnered up with Bed Bath & Beyond to bring to you some of my favorite college dorm room essentials to get you through some of the struggles you may encounter in your first week at school. Read More!


20 things that I want to get done in my 20th year, in celebration of my 20th birthday! #bucketlist #birthday

I’m officially a “twenty-something blogger.” That’s right, today is my 20th birthday, and America’s 204th birthday.

Last year on my birthday I shared 19 things that I learned in my 19 years of living in a letter to my 9 year old self. What a mouthful, right?

This year I’ve decided to do something a little different: I’m creating a “bucket-list” of sorts for 20 things to do to celebrate my 20 years of living. Some of these are smaller simple things, while some of them are bigger things that might not happen. Read More!

Spring 2016 Semester Goals: Results

Setting goals it the first step in making a dream into reality. Every semester I set 15 goals for the 15 weeks of the semester... here's the results! #CollegeAs you may have been able to tell from my recent summer related posts, I’m officially on Summer Vacation! :)

For the 4th semester in a row, I am here to share my results for the semester goals that I set at the start of the semester: 15 goals for the 15 weeks of the semester! I’ve found that sharing these keeps me accountable and helps me to feel more accomplished at the end of the semester.

Ready? Here we go!


1. Get at least a B in all classes + bonus points if I make the Dean’s List again!

Result: ✓ Did it! Didn’t make the Dean’s List, but I did get two B’s and two A’s this semester.


2. Don’t miss any deadlines for my Her Campus chapter.

Result: ✓ Success! My HC Chapter is always a big priority for me so this one wasn’t hard. Especially when I have a team of 60 girls behind me, it’s a great motivator to get this done.

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5 Ways to Beat Summer Boredom

5 Ways to Beat Summer Boredom

Ah, summer. The weather gets warmer, the beaches get crowded, and students get.. bored.

No matter if you successfully grabbed your dream internship this summer or you’re excited to relax around the house, you’re still bound to have a lot more time on your hands this season than you would when you’re at school.

Once you get tired of the regular going to the pool, hitting the beach, hanging out with old friends, and sleeping in what is there left to do?

I’ve found a solution, or 5 to be exact, and compiled them in a list here. So here you go, 5 inexpensive (or free!) ways to beat summer boredom. Let me know what is your favorite way in the comments!

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My Summer Reading List

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Summer is the best time to catch up on one of my favorite hobbies.. reading. Check out my summer reading list!

I’ve always had a love for reading, I could live at a library given the chance. Unfortunately, during the school year my classes and other required reading often gets in the way of being able to read for fun. This summer I want to take full advantage of having a little more free time and knock out some of the books I’ve been dying to read.

Curious what’s on my reading list this summer? Read on. Read More!