College Survival Goodies For Every Personality

College Survival Goodies For Every Personality! From the memory maker to the busy bee and even the late night crammer...

One week from today I start my Junior year of college classes. It’s crazy to think that I am halfway through my college education!

Throughout my time in college I have been blogging here to share with you my experiences, tips, tricks, and thoughts to help inspire and guide my fellow college women and millennials to succeed. So when BabbleBoxx reached out to me with a list of products that they thought every college women should get, in their CollegeShe-vival box, I definitely agreed! This fun batch of products is very unique and definitely has something for each college student’s personality and I think you’ll find something there just for you.  (more…)

Free Download: Assignment Calendar 2016 – 2017 School Year

This assignment calendar is the perfect way to organize your work and never miss a due date.. great for students both in college and high school!

Nearly a year ago I shared a free download for an assignment calendar for the Spring semester because I believe that there’s an art in preparing for a new semester.

I said “there’s definitely something to be said about how the preparation in the first couple weeks of a semester can help make or break your organization. I have previously shared my tips for preparing for a new semester of classes, as well as the different ways that I organize my assignments using an assignment schedule, day planners, post-it note calendar, and more.

However, this semester it was a little different. As I sat down with my syllabus’ (syllabi?) to create my assignment schedule, I found myself craving a new form of organization. Through my day planners and Google Calendar, I have gotten so used to seeing things scheduled out in a calendar form, it felt strange laying out my assignment schedule in a list form instead.

So, I created the assignment calendar. This is kind of like the assignment schedule version 2.0, new and improved. It works like a charm.”

Since I shared that first calendar, I have gotten amazing feedback on this template and form of organization.

Here are some of the comments and feedback I got:

“OMG, this is GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love planning and this is perfect, can you PLEASE make one for FALL ’16 as it is approaching!!!!!!!! this is amazingggg!!!!”

– Paola


“Thank you SO much for this assignment calendar, and thanks for all your tips in general!!! I will be starting my first year of college in the Fall and I am so nervous yet excited! Your blog is so helpful and I will DEFINITELY be utilizing the calendar and other suggestions you have made. Thanks for everything!!!”

– Samantha


“This is so incredible, thank you!!”

– Kaitlen


“This is AMAZING- Thanks so much for making this. Could you make more for future semesters? <3″

– Aster

I was shocked, amazed, and most of all excited. So here it is, back by popular request, the download for the 2016 – 2017 school year assignment calendar!

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8 Time Saving Morning Hacks

These 8 time saving morning hacks are a must read! From a simple protein packed breakfast to some  great ways to speed up your morning beauty routine, these tips will have you hopping out of bed in no  time at all.Mornings have never been my forte. I love nighttime and I love sleep. However, when I have to get out of bed early in the morning to get going to work or class, I need to get my act together.

Throughout my past two years in college I have discovered a morning routine that lets me sleep in 30 more minutes than before, while still taking my time to get ready, looking decent, feeling great, and being on time for class.

I thought that I should share some hacks to help you get ready quickly and efficiently in the morning while still being able to grab a couple minutes more of shut eye and have enough energy to get you through the day. Sound too good to be true? Check out these 8 tips and see what they can do for you! Read More!

Theme Park Checklist

Theme Park Checklist - from an amusement park enthusiast! Never go unprepared, everything that you need to make sure you have for a successful day in the park.

While I’ve spent the majority of my summer focusing on working I’ve had a lot more time to relax and a lot more days off than I normally do have during the school year. It’s great being able to sleep in, have lazy days around the house, and watch a bunch of Netflix (right now I’m obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy.. honestly its so good!) but some days I need to do more and get out and have a full day of activities. On days like that I’m grateful for where I live, because I’m close to two large amusement parks (Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood) which gives me a chance to spend my days there.

To me there is something magical about going to a theme park: it helps transport you to a different world and allows you to forget all your stresses and troubles for one day.

I grew up going to Disneyland once a year with my family and lately got myself an annual pass so I could go more often. Through this I have learned a lot of tricks and tips on how to survive all day Amusement Park trips. Planning a trip to a theme park this summer? Here’s what to make sure to pack in your bag that day:

1. Memorabilia

One of the best ways to get into the spirit of going to an amusement park is to jump in full force. Whether you’re a pin collector, a button wearer, or a DisneyBounder there are a bunch of ways to get involved and look cute doing it!

My favorite thing is to wear my Mickey Mouse ears while visiting Disneyland, Read More!

College Dorm Room: First Week Essentials

7 Dorm Room Essentials To Help You Survive Your First Week Of College

From homesickness and making new friends to roommate quarrels and overwhelm from school work: your first year of college can be a crazy combo of ups and downs. Your first week isn’t any different. I’ve partnered up with Bed Bath & Beyond to bring to you some of my favorite college dorm room essentials to get you through some of the struggles you may encounter in your first week at school. Read More!