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 How to transition your wardrobe from class to career for back to school #fashion #collegefashion #collegeblogger

During my 3rd year of college, I landed an internship at a large corporate publishing company. One of my first thoughts after accepting the job offer was “I need a new wardrobe, I need professional clothes.”

My wardrobe consisted of t-shirts, jeans, sneakers, and sundresses… not exactly considered professional attire.

Since I was on a college student’s budget, I had to be selective in the professional items that I did purchase, and I had to find creative ways to incorporate clothes that I already owned and clothes that I could also wear to class into my professional wardrobe to save money.

Kohl’s was my first stop. With incredibly affordable styles and great sales, their Junior’s department is perfect for any college student, no matter if you’re looking to add to your lecture hall outfits or start a professional wardrobe like me.

Through working and going to classes, I learned the value of being able to quickly transition my outfits from classroom to professional with a few simple changes to save time and money.

Today I’ve partnered with Kohl’s to show you how their SO clothing line is full of stylish and versatile items that you can easily wear in the classroom, alter slightly, and then go rock it in the corporate world.

Plain T-Shirt & a Blazer

A good, comfy, simple t-shirt is one of my favorite wardrobe staples. Pair a shirt with some black jeans, flats, and a cute patterned cardigan or wrap for class. Then, switch the cardigan for a blazer and you’re instantly ready for a boardroom presentation.

Short-Sleeved Button-Up & Slacks

While an opened short-sleeved button-up over a tank top, jeans, and sneakers are great for a casual lecture, swapping the jeans and sneakers for slacks and heels while buttoning up the shirt instantly takes this look to a new level.

Blouse & Pencil Skirt

This floral yellow blouse paired with jeans and ballet flats is a perfect look for a sunny fall day. Slip on this super comfortable (and I mean super comfortable) black side-scrunched pencil skirt, toss on some heels, and you’re ready to impress at work.

Patterned Top & Black Jeans

For a more casual but still professional look, exchange your blue jeans and sneakers for some black jeans and heels then toss your hair back in a headband or a ponytail to keep it out of your face.

Bonus: Comfy Shorts

Let’s be real, when you get back to your apartment after a long day of classes and work.. There’s nothing more that you want to do than get comfortable. These velour lounge shorts are easily some of the cutest and comfiest shorts I own! Any of these tops pair nicely with these comfy shorts, perfect for when you need to run to the store for more chips & guac for your study date while staying comfortable.

Make sure to check out all of these styles and more in Kohl’s SO collection in the Junior’s department! Kohl’s: Back to School offer runs from 8/2-8/18 and can be used on all SO apparel; receive $10 off $50 BTS purchase!



8 Affordable Campus to Corporate Looks

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    All of these outfits are perfect for campus comfort! I love it


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