Starting your career as a young professional can come with some daunting roadblocks.

Dreaming of breaking into a competitive industry or company? Unsure what path you want your career to focus on? Struggling to figure out how to grow your network?

The solution to all of these problems is simple: Informational interviews.

The Benefits of Informational Interviews & How to Set Them Up

These interviews help you make connections and grow your network, which is essential to get your foot in the door.

This guide outlines the benefits of informational interviews, helps you brainstorm who you can ask for an interview, and provides an email template to reach out and set up interviews!



Preparing For an Informational Interview

Once you have your informational interview set up, it’s time to prepare. 

This article walks you through the key steps to preparing for a successful interview, to help you come across as professional.






Conducting an Informational Interview

You’ve prepared all you can and the day has come, time for the informational interview!

This guide shows you what to expect during your conversation and how to follow up to ensure a great connection in your professional network.




Learn More about Informational Interviews

Interested in learning more about informationals? Check out this episode of The Quarter Life Crisis Club Podcast, where Sara and I share our experiences being on both sides of the informational interview process!