Surviving a Long Commute

Sometimes, a long commute for work or school is unavoidable.

I drive 3 hours roundtrip to work and back everyday. My boyfriend Anthony drives 4+ hours roundtrip to work and back, based on traffic.

That totals up to a LOT of hours in a car per month, for each of us.

After 7 months of these massive commutes we’ve learned some tips and tricks for surviving a long commute that we’d like to share with you if you find yourself needing to commute a long way for work or school!
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5 Things I’ve Learned in 5 Years of Blogging


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Five years. Wow.

When I launched Dani Dearest from my college dorm room, I never thought that I would be sitting here five years later still blogging. This little creative outlet quickly snowballed into a community, a business, and more.

Along the way I’ve learned a lot, both for better and for worse. Here are 5 things I’ve learned in my last 5 years of blogging!
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How to Start Managing Your Finances After Graduation

How to start managing your finances after graduation - a must read for every college student and recent grad! Guide to money in your 20's - money advice for millennials.

As back to school season approaches and school supplies shopping begins… those of us who recently graduated are feeling the pressure of adulthood and managing your finances.

For some, this feeling of needing to “get my life together” comes even while you’re still in college.

No matter if you’ve recently graduated or you’re just looking to get your finances in order, here are 4 easy steps you can take today to truly start to take charge of and make sure you are managing your finances after graduation!
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How I Balanced Work and School

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When I was in college I juggled multiple jobs, a full-time class schedule, many club commitments, a personal life, and my blog all at the same time. I had to get creative with how I organized all of these commitments in order to stay afloat and reach all of my deadlines.

Now, as a year post-grad, I’m able to reflect back on what I did to juggle work and school at the same time and acknowledge what worked, what didn’t, and what I would do differently!

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8 Affordable Campus to Corporate Looks

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 How to transition your wardrobe from class to career for back to school #fashion #collegefashion #collegeblogger

During my 3rd year of college, I landed an internship at a large corporate publishing company. One of my first thoughts after accepting the job offer was “I need a new wardrobe, I need professional clothes.”

My wardrobe consisted of t-shirts, jeans, sneakers, and sundresses… not exactly considered professional attire.

Since I was on a college student’s budget, I had to be selective in the professional items that I did purchase, and I had to find creative ways to incorporate clothes that I already owned and clothes that I could also wear to class into my professional wardrobe to save money.

Kohl’s was my first stop. With incredibly affordable styles and great sales, their Junior’s department is perfect for any college student, no matter if you’re looking to add to your lecture hall outfits or start a professional wardrobe like me.

Through working and going to classes, I learned the value of being able to quickly transition my outfits from classroom to professional with a few simple changes to save time and money.

Today I’ve partnered with Kohl’s to show you how their SO clothing line is full of stylish and versatile items that you can easily wear in the classroom, alter slightly, and then go rock it in the corporate world. Read More!