Cute do it yourself idea for paint swatches! Add a little motivation to your day by adding inspirational quotes around your mirror. #college #inspiration #motivation #diyLong before we moved in, my roommates and I found each other on Facebook. We talked about who would bring what (couch, TV, mini-fridge..?) and what rules we would set up (chore list anyone?) but most importantly, we shared dorm decorating DIY tips from Pinterest!

One of our favorite Do it Yourselfers was a cute little idea for a “Motivation Wall” made with post-it notes.

And another one of our favorites were many different ideas for paint chip art in place of painting the walls.

So we immediately started collecting paint chips (I’m not even kidding). As I was at Home Depot, proudly stealing half of their supply of paint samples and I got this idea: We should put the motivational quotes around the mirror in the bathroom to

motivate us in the morning! Then I looked down at the supply of paint samples in my hands and realized that we could combine the two ideas.

This way we could customize the size of each post, without spending all the money on different sized post-it notes.

So I gathered all my roommates together and we got to work!

We did the paint swatch wall first (which I previously posted about, and we recently re-did!) then got to work on the motivation wall.

What We Did

First we sat down with our collections of colorful markers and pens. Then we created and we researched a ton of different inspirational and motivational quotes and wrote those down.

Here are some of my favorites: (click to view them larger)

Motivation_wall_5 Motivation_wall_3 Motivation_wall_4

We then took some tape and stuck the quotes all around our mirror in a grid like pattern. Think of it as a real life motivational Pinterest Motivation_wall_6board.

And that was it! Short, simple, and a great roommate bonding activity. 🙂 Our entire room looks really colorful now, covered with all our creative paint swatch art!

Here’s what it looked like afterward:

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DIY: Motivation Wall
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