As of today I have been working from home for 1 month due to COVID-19. Before this, I had worked from home here and there, but never for an extended period of time like this. I also am not leaving the house for any reason aside from taking the dog for a walk, as a precaution due to my chronic illnesses. 

Being at home for this extended period of time as proven both easy and difficult at the same time. Through ups and downs of anxiety, calm, productivity, and laziness I have learned what I need to do to stay sane, healthy, and productive during this time.

If you know anything about me this will not come as a surprise at all… 

I made a routine.

My work from home routine has helped me feel some sense of normalcy during this crazy time, while keeping me productive without feeling overwhelmed. 

Here’s what my work from home routine looks like right now!

8:15am: Wake Up

On typical days I wake up at 6am, in order to get ready and commute into the office by 9am. Working from home gives me the benefit of sleeping in during the time I’d normally be stuck in traffic!

8:20am: Make Coffee & Wash Face

With my troubled skin (see: unsolvable acne) I need to do my skincare routine on a strict regular schedule. I also take this time to make myself some coffee or tea and bring some coffee in for Anthony to wake up to.

8:40am: Start Working & Taking Conference Calls

I start my work day sometime between 8:30 and 9:00, usually somewhere right in the middle, and begin working and joining conference calls.

10:45am-10:55am: Make a Quick Breakfast

10:55am-1:00pm: Eat & Continue Working

1:00pm-1:30pm: Workout

At least once a day I make sure to get some exercise in. This varies between a walk through the beautiful neighborhood with my dog Bodey (above) or following an Obe Fitness video while video chatting with my best friend Sara (below).

1:30pm-2:00pm: Shower & Each Lunch

After my workout I hop in the shower and then make myself an easy lunch. While eating I either read or watch some Netflix. If the weather permits, I take this time to get some sunshine and hangout in the backyard.

2:00pm: Finish Working & Afternoon Meetings

Time to jump back into work and on those afternoon conference calls. If it’s sunny outside I love to do this in the backyard so that I don’t feel stuck inside all day. 

6:00pm-7:00pm: Record QLCC Podcast Episode

Every other night after I log out of work Sara and I record an episode of The Quarter Life Crisis Club Podcast… virtually of course! We release these episodes every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

7:00pm: Dinner

8:00pm: Relax: Watch TV, Blog, or Read

After dinner it’s time to relax, changing it up each night. Between reading, watching TV, playing a board game, or blogging. Sometimes we’ll also take Bodey out for an evening walk. 

What are you making sure to incorporate into your days while working from home right now?



My Work From Home Routine

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